Macquarie Three Minute Thesis competition an international event

Macquarie Three Minute Thesis winners 2014. From left: Andrew Lehmann, Cheryl Ware (winner), Irina Tretiakova (People’s Choice) and Rebecca Gelding. Picture: Tony Dwyer

The Macquarie Three Minute Thesis (3MT) finals was an international event, reflecting Macquarie’s global mindset. 

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Science Without Borders at Macquarie University

Science Without Borders student Juliana de Oliveira Campo is studying biology, environmental science and English at Macquarie University.

Brazilian Science Without Borders student Juliana de Oliveira Campo is studying a Bachelor of Science in biology and environmental science at Macquarie after first learning English at the Macquarie University English Language Centre.

Juliana, who studies science at Universidade de Brasília applied for the Science Without Borders  program that sends Brazilian university students to partner countries to enhance their studies. The Science Without Borders program emphasises STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering and maths.

As part of her offer, Juliana was initially enrolled in the Macquarie University English Language Centre. A year after arriving, Juliana is now studying her chosen biology and environmental subjects at Macquarie.

“It was challenging. I was scared of not being able to communicate,” Juliana says in near-fluent English. “It helped that there was a big group of us. We helped each other.”

“The English language centre helped so much. We studied English, but also how to study in English at Macquarie University. Our classes were the same with essays, presentations and exams. So when we began studying our subjects, I felt prepared.”

Outside class, Juliana has explored Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania and is now feeling more confident about working outside the University as part of her PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) internship unit.

“I miss my family and my friends as Australia is very far away,” says Juliana. “But I wanted to come to Australia because I’m a biologist. I’m passionate about nature.”

Macquarie University English Language Centre offers Academic English, study tours, TESOL teacher training, and discipline-specific preparation programs for future university students.

While at Macquarie, Juliana is studying a Bachelor of Science in Biology.


Macquarie international students learn to swim free on campus

Macquarie international students Emily Su, from China, and Sneha Joshi, from Nepal, learn to swim. The Macquarie SwimSafe program runs every semester.

Macquarie University international students learn to swim for free on campus to make the most of Sydney’s beach lifestyle and stay safe in the water.

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Cochlear researcher fine tunes virtual hearing environments at Macquarie

Cochlear researcher Abbie Kressner is researching virtual hearing environments for Cochlear users at Macquarie University.

Researcher Abbie Kressner, from Atlanta, USA, has an international grant to study Cochlear implants in virtual hearing environments at Macquarie University.

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Peru’s Challenge puts Macquarie student through her paces

Peru’s Challenge Macquarie University PACE volunteer Tahnee Maynard (far left) taught Peruvian schoolchildren sport. Peru’s Challenge is offered by Pace International.

Fourth year Bachelor of Education student, Tahnee Maynard, participated in Peru’s Challenge with PACE International and Australian Volunteers International. Tahnee, who studies early childhood (Birth to 12 years), taught children sport and helped construct classrooms in the small community of Quilla Huata.

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