Cochlear researcher fine tunes virtual hearing environments at Macquarie

Cochlear researcher Abbie Kressner is researching virtual hearing environments for Cochlear users at Macquarie University.

Researcher Abbie Kressner, from Atlanta, USA, has an international grant to study Cochlear implants in virtual hearing environments at Macquarie University.

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Peru’s Challenge puts Macquarie student through her paces

Peru’s Challenge volunteer Tahnee Maynard taught Peruvian schoolchildren sport. Peru’s Challenge is offered by Pace International.

Fourth year Bachelor of Education student, Tahnee Maynard, participated in Peru’s Challenge with PACE International and Australian Volunteers International. Tahnee, who studies early childhood (Birth to 12 years), taught children sport and helped construct classrooms in the small community of Quilla Huata.

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Macquarie Master of Research student digs deep for thesis

Wisam Babar is studying a Macquarie Master of Research.

Macquarie Master of Research student Wisam Babar, from Bangladesh, is researching how a particular species of fungi may contribute to producing biofuels.

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Macquarie Study Abroad students enjoy German summer

Macquarie Study Abroad students studied intensive German at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Macquarie Study Abroad and volunteering is part of the PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) ethos. Over the semester winter break, Karina Maynard, Andrew Fischer, Sebastian Stinton and Mary Stompe lived in Germany, studying the language, culture and World Cup euphoria of their temporary home.
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