Macquarie Study Abroad students enjoy German summer

Macquarie Study Abroad students studied intensive German at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Macquarie Study Abroad and volunteering is part of the PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) ethos. Over the semester winter break, Karina Maynard, Andrew Fischer, Sebastian Stinton and Mary Stompe lived in Germany, studying the language, culture and World Cup euphoria of their temporary home.
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Macquarie University PACE students volunteer in Borneo

Macquarie PACE International students Claire Mitchell, Elizabeth King, Simone Bova and Stephanie Triefus in Mangkadait village, Borneo.

Macquarie University and Global Leadership student Elizabeth King recently lived and worked in Borneo as part of her PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) studies. Here’s her blog about the unforgettable volunteer experience.
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Macquarie’s kitchen rules for student jobs

Macquarie student Shirley Chan is employed in the Campus Life kitchen, while Katrina Jing has graduated from the kitchen to Macquarie University Campus Life office accountant .

Macquarie students Katrina Jing and Shirley Chan earned money and life skills in Macquarie’s Campus Life kitchen while studying for their degrees.
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