This other side

Nigerian student Keren Oritogun discusses culture shock.

It was 10:42 pm. The Macquarie University pick-up service had arrived and I was eager to leave the airport.

I was basically freezing. The weather was different from what I was used to back in my home country, Nigeria. Apparently, it was winter in Sydney, Australia.

I ‘chested’ the cold and followed the gentleman leading me up to the vehicle. This went by quickly because my luggage had been misplaced by the airline I boarded, sadly. On getting in the van, I looked up and noticed that the man I assumed would be driving was seated at the ‘passengers side’. I was wrong. I looked  closer and the steering wheel was also on the passengers side. Oh, the shock! Not that I did not know, it just felt weird at that moment. I was certain it would take some getting used to.

As days went by, everything started to seem normal. The cold weather (not true, I wore a lot of warm clothing), the traffic (also, not true, I still get confused). I just said so because that is what is supposed to happen. I should have adapted by now but it is a process and I am going through it.

Things may be different, the lifestyle and culture also but it is great out here. People are friendly, the city is beautiful and multicultural, so you never get left out.

One tip though, coming in winter? bring along a truck of jumpers! Especially, if you are from an equatorial climate country. Hasta Luego…