Actuarial student lands dream job

Masters of Actuarial Studies graduate Yifan Fu isn’t sure how his new employers found him, but he’s very glad they did.

Yifan has been offered a position as Associate Underwriter with global reinsurance giant Swiss Re in Beijing. He was head-hunted by an Australian recruitment agency, “Actuarial Studies is a small degree, so one of my classmates probably passed my information on.”

He is part of the first intake of the “Global Training Program”, a two year graduate program that prepares graduates for management roles. “The program recruits people from all over the world- America, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, and every three months we re-locate to other places in the Asia Pacific,” says Yifan.

“It’s very exciting. Swiss Re is a great company, and it’s a big challenge. They’re expecting me to work 7am until 9pm, it’ll be tough but this is what I want to be doing.”

Yifan is originally from Shanghai, China, and came to Sydney five years ago for his undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Commerce/Actuarial Studies. “I came here because Macquarie was the founder of Actuarial Studies in the Asia Pacific, and one of the first universities in the world (to offer the degree).”

“Having an Actuarial degree from Macquarie gave me a lot of advantages, and helped me go further in the interviews. The former head of studies at Macquarie, Professor John Pollard, is actually on Swiss Re’s Australian board of directors- but he had no influence on my position.”

Yifan leaves on Sunday, and says, “I’ll miss the Australian lifestyle, my friends and the people at Macquarie International. I’ll miss my 9-5 shifts! But I hope to visit again one day.”

For more information on MQ’s Actuarial Studies degrees, visit Macquarie’s Economics and Financial Studies Department.