Utkarsh Saxena is currently studying a Master of Accounting at Macquarie
Utkarsh Saxena is currently studying a Master of Accounting at Macquarie

Indian student drawn to Accounting reputation

“I chose Macquarie because of its international reputation with companies in the corporate world,” says Utkarsh Saxena from India.

Utkarsh is about to embark on his second semester of five in the Master of Accounting (CPA Extension). “It’s a challenging degree, yet it’s interesting,” he says.

Utkarsh explains the intensity of his degree using the example of macroeconomics. “Usually it would take about six months to really learn macroeconomics. We covered it in four weeks. It was difficult, but that’s what Master degrees are about.” Utkarsh knows how to apply himself when his degree gets difficult, often staying back after class to study in the library.

Utkarsh recommends students live close to campus to prevent large commutes. “Especially in Master degrees, studies are tough. It’s very important you manage your time. Being on transport cuts into the time you have available to study.”

Business law has been Utkarsh’s favourite subject so far. “We had to memorise a lot of cases and eventually we were thinking like lawyers.” Though it isn’t all work for Utkarsh.

He also enjoys the social aspect of living in Sydney. Hanging out with friends and spending time in the city have provided a good balance between work and play. He has even taught his Chinese housemates his nation’s passion – cricket.

After his Masters, Utkarsh hopes to work for a few years before commencing a MBA. Though first, he must pass the current challenge ahead of him – his Master degree.

The Master of Accounting (CPA extension) is a thorough degree lasting two and half years. Students commence the program by undertaking the compulsory 13 subjects of the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting over four trimesters (1.5 years). They then enrol to do 6 CPA external examinations over one year while concurrently studying CPA support subjects at Macquarie University.

This degree enables students to obtain a university qualification and receive extensive academic support while they prepare for the CPA external examinations. The program places particular emphasis on communicative competence as well as strong technical skills.

“In all aspects, Macquarie is a good university. It’s big, close to the city, yet still peaceful. If you want to make your name in the corporate world,” recommends Utkarsh “come to Macquarie.”

For more information on the Master of Accounting (CPA Extension) please visit the Study Programs website.