Prepared for a career in conservation

“Environmental conservation is a field that is still in development, which makes it challenging as a future career,” says International Business and International Relations student Hai Trieu.

“My internship has provided answers to many of the questions I had about the industry and now I’m confident I have made the right choice.”

Hai recently completed an internship with the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, where he assisted with major events including the 2011 Annual Conference and 2011 Environment Awards.

“My internship enhanced my communication and networking skills, and improved my understanding of teamwork in the Australian workplace,” he says.

“I was fortunate to work with my supervisor, and sometimes the CEO, to learn how they react to different circumstances.”

“I have been inspired by them and believe these interpersonal skills are strongly linked to their success.”

Hai found the Australian workplace to be quite different to what he expected.

“My colleagues were not afraid to think outside the box,” he notes. “The communication style is straightforward and quite informal, which is a plus for the fast-paced environment of a developed country”.

With his newly acquired Australian work experience, and existing knowledge of business in Vietnam, Hai feels Macquarie has prepared him for an international career.

“I have learnt to be adaptable to the global working environment,” he says. “I’m comfortable with the idea of switching from one country to another, interchanging between developed and developing countries, and new cultures.”

“I am prepared for our increasingly globalised world.”

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