‘Real life’ learning appeals to scholarship student

“If not for the scholarship, I would not have been able to come here and study at one of the best universities in Australia, so I’m really grateful.”

For Abdullah Sajjad, in his second semester of a Bachelor of Applied Finance, finding out he had received the MUIS scholarship was a big surprise.

“To be honest, I was on the verge of crying,” he recalls. “I was like ‘What? I got the scholarship?’ I felt I must have done something really great.”

Abullah says that leaving his family in Pakistan to study in Australia was tough, but provided an opportunity for personal growth.

“It is quite difficult to be in a totally different world without your family,” he notes. “But by doing everything yourself, it improves you as a person – you get to know yourself.”

He says programs like mentors@macquarie help ease the transition for first-year students.

“They really helped me a lot, in terms of how to study and where to go for help.”

Abdullah has been impressed with the style of teaching at Macquarie, particularly its focus on real-life applications.

“In Pakistan, we are more used to the theoretical teaching and we don’t get a lot of examples from real life,” he says. “My economics teacher here is always relating content to the Global Financial Crisis, which is really good.”

He says the professional experience of the teaching staff is another benefit.

“A lot of the teachers at Macquarie are not just academics, but professionals,” he says. “So you are getting knowledge from someone who has actually worked in the industry.”

“You also get to meet people from so many different backgrounds, it opens your eyes to the career options available.”

Read more about the Bachelor of Applied Finance.

  • Shakir Munawar

    can you juxt get me his email id he wont mind afterall we are from same place..its urgent..i really need to get in contact with him :)

    • Antra

      HI Shakir,
      Unfortunately the University’s privacy regulations prevent us from sharing students’ personal email addresses in the Globe.

  • shakir

    can i contact to this student somehow? :\

    • Antra

      HI Shakir, unfortunately we cannot supply you with this student’s contact details for privacy reasons, but we will ask him if he is willing to get in contact with you by email.

      • Shakir Munawar

        Well it was so nice of you to reply back..but let me tell you the only reason i want to get in contact with this student it that i am from Pakistan and planning to come to Macquarie for applied finance bachelors..so if there is some way in which i can contact this student plzz tell me i would be very thankfull for this assisstance :) *shakir_munawar@hotmail.com* this is my adress plzz contact asap :)

        • Antra

          Hi Shakir, We have passed your email address on to Abdullah and told him you are keen to connect with him.

          • Shakir Munawar

            thankyou very very much for the favor :)