Macquarie the latest stop for well-travelled Russian

Victoria Shubenina knows a lot about what makes a top university. The Endeavour Award scholarship student has experienced university life in both in Europe and at highly-ranked New York University (NYU). 

On top of that, her work for Direct Talk educational agency in Russia gave her unique knowledge of most of the top schools and degree programs around the world.

So when it came time for Victoria to choose a university for her postgraduate study in marketing, why did she choose to make the long journey to Macquarie?

“My bachelor degree GPA meant I could be very selective about where to study,” she recalls. ‘Australia is not a traditional destination for Russian students – it’s so far away and many people advised me to consider Europe or Canada instead.”

‘But I decided to apply just to Macquarie because of the reputation of the business faculty and its internship opportunities with the multinational companies that are nearby.

“I looked at the Group of Eight universities, and they were strong in areas like medicine and engineering, but for business, Macquarie was the leader.”

Victoria’s previous work as an education agent also made her well prepared for her transition to Sydney.

“I used to tell all my clients ‘be prepared and don’t miss your orientation!’, she laughs. “So I took my own advice and studied Macquarie’s website carefully before I came and went as many orientation events and information sessions as I could when I arrived.”

A month into her Master of Commerce degree, Victoria says she has been pleased to find that Macquarie is as good as it’s reputation says.

“I am so excited, it’s exactly the kind of quality education I expected,” she exclaims. “The lecturers and tutors are really interactive and encourage every student to participate, which is good if you’re shy or if you want to improve your communication skills.”

“Here you’re not scared to give your opinion – the lecturers actually want you to argue with them!”

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