Endeavour Award scholarships open for 2013 intake

With weakened economies in the northern hemisphere and a high Australian dollar, many international students are increasingly reliant on scholarship funding to make their dream of studying in Australia possible.

In addition to Macquarie’s own generous MUIS, MQRES research and sports scholarship programs, the Australian Government’s Endeavour Postgraduate Award provides an opportunity for postgraduate students to study at Macquarie for up to four years and have their tuition and living expenses covered.

The competitive merit-based scholarship program is open to citizens from participating countries in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Approximately 500-600 awards are offered each year.

Macquarie student Jekaterina Cizova says the Endeavour Award scholarship gave her an opportunity to study a degree that not available in her home country – the Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.

“There are no programs in anti-terrorism in Latvia, but it’s a growing field,” she says. “When I heard that I’d received the Endeavour scholarship, I was shocked – I couldn’t believe it!”

Applications for the 2013 Endeavour Awards will close Saturday 30 June 2012 at 11.59 am AEST. Successful applicants will be advised in late November 2012.

Read more about the Endeavour Awards or email endeavour.awards@innovation.gov.au.

457 thoughts on “Endeavour Award scholarships open for 2013 intake

  1. how can i be admitted in a universcity in australia as a undergraduate coming from africa cause is my dream to study in australia

  2. hey every1…. so any news about how many will they award this year? if its a 100 i am not gona bother applying for it. if any one has any info please let me know!

  3. I am interested to go to Australia for studying on own expenses and would like to cover my expenses there by working.But at the same time worried that my earning will not be enough to cover my expenses.So just wondering if any one of you feels same and would like to give try …:)

  4. Its a very shameful decision to cut of the Scholarships on the last minute . If you cannot afford to offer scholarships to Foreign Students then you shouldn’t even advertise in the first place . 10 post graduate Scholarships from 3 countries only ? Its seems like making fun of the all the applicants who wasted all their efforts and time for applying.

  5. Dear All,

    I will answer about the reasons for the dramatic cut in EA budget:

    1- The Australian government is trying to make savings and cut off from all sectors they can do so, that they can bring the budget to their political gains; since there will be election next year !… Therefore, in order not to lose the Australian citizens votes, they start cutting the budget on foreign programs, and the Endeavour program is one of them.

    They only made the decision about the cut in the last few days and weeks !! , and that is the reason of the delay in publishing the outcome , this way could not happen in Europe , USA or the UK never ever…..What does this means ??? …. It is just the proof of how inefficient this government is.

    Many applicants of you should have been awarded this scholarship without applying the dramatic cut , and without notifying the applicants of their plans at all !!!

    Pls let me advise all of you to apply to another scholarship elsewhere and not to Australia.
    It is pretty good to remind you here that in spite of all the current cuts and financial issues in the UK , for instance, they kept their assistance and funding for the International scholarships programs ,,, and in the UK there are hundreds of Students Union who are standing out to reject and act against any cut that might hit the Educational sectors … do you know why ?? because and cut would reduce the International scholarships offered in the UK will spoil and damage the reputation of the UK world wide …. However, the Australians does not care for this case and NO student Union will act accordingly …

    I do hope if all the Australian Universities, professors, academic staff and Student Unions act and move quickly against this plan.

    Finally, kindly note that the Endeavour program will not last for much longer ,and for the near future it will be cancelled.

    So, prepare yourselves accordingly,

    All the best …….

  6. Hello Friends,

    I am from Pakistan, I was shocked to see the result that I am unsuccessful as I have done BS Engineering, MBA in HRM, M.Sc. Engineering Management and 100 % research degree from UK. 4 Publications, 10 + years of working for academia and industry. Teaching & Research experience in UK and Pakistan. 60,000 words dissertation. Involved in most prestigious community/ social projects. What else is needed ?

    • Dear Asma,

      I am so sad for this,almost all the applicants are unsuccessful here too…but I want to ask you: have you tired to apply for a scholarship in the UK ? Canada? US? or even Sweden ( my home country ) before applying to EA Australia ??…
      If not, then why don’t apply to one of these countries ?? and just forget the Australian scholarships which are now no more than a nonsense indeed.
      I wish you the best of luck…..look forward…

      • Dear Tapta,

        I need a scholarship for doctoate and as far as UK is concerned,

        Tommy: I have already done one degree from UK on a scholarship. I am considering Sweden and other Schengen states but definitely not US / Canada for various reasons

    • Dear Asma,
      I am also from Pakistan and applied for EA 2012. Unfortunately i could not make it. I do not have much knowledge about Canadian Scholarships. If U have any info about that or any website please share.

      What are your plans for this year again. Will U gonna apply again for EA 2013?

  7. It is true that Endeavour Award needs lots of endeavours to be put in during applications. But there is total lack of transparency, commitment and honesty from the Endeavour award team which is completely bizarre considering the country like Australia. I have always liked and respected Australia not because it is rich country, just because of its simplicity despite being economic superpower, and its endeavours in helping poor countries. Honestly writing here, Endeavour Award has built lots of big dreams for the poor people but this year the same force has destroyed all dreams.
    The award has never been transparent leaving applicants in wonders. For eg. the reason for delayed outcomes was given as waiting for approval from Minister, and if we see our notification emails it was drafted as early as 24th October 2012. And I cannot really believe minister taking two months to approve the award which consists of just around 90 holders. And if you compare last year the outcome was announced on 9th November with same application closing date of June 30. So it seems minister didnt take much time to approve for around 500 successful award holders compared to two months time to approve for just around 90 award holders this year. So do you still think that the delayed outcome was due to delayed approval from the minister? I dont think so. So why didnt eandeavour state the clear reason and make sensible justification as to why was the outcome delayed?
    Another flaw is commitment. The outcome was supposed to be notified by late November but they added weeks after weeks during which most of the applicants have lost other training opportunities, and in the end if the result was largely successful then the story would have been different. So there is no commitment to work towards it.
    And the last one is honesty: The award has never been honest when it comes to number of intakes. They should atleast give an indicative figure so that the applicants know their chances of getting the award. They gave around 500 applicants last year and suddenly reduced by 10 times this year. So the applicants this year took 500 as possible number of intakes this year.
    So finally, the lengthy delaying of notification of outcomes and drastic decrease in intakes this year has some bigger hidden reasons rather than just delay in minister approval and budget constraint .
    I really never expected like from country like Australia! Total Bizarre!

    • Hello Everyone. I applied for VET. I was sure for my EA keeping in mind the previousily awarded people and thier level of education but I was declared UNSUCCESSFULL through an e mail in 18 Dec.
      It was disappointing as well as discourging. Results were ready by 24th Oct but announced on 18th Dec. Can anyone expalin why please?. The number of awards was reduced from 500-600 to 99 only this year. They should have notified at the start of application process of EA for 2012 the number of EA they would allot.
      I assumed the EA scholarships were being processed by Ausrtalian authorities, but the kind of attitude and un professionalism they have displayed simply shows as if any of the Third Woorld Country handed the EA for 2012.

      Very Sad…

    • I think I have to first immigrate to Vietnam and then apply for Endeavour Award and be sure that i do not have any rival around the world

      • My appeal letter to Hon’ble PM e-mail address: sharon.bird.mp@aph.gov.au

        Your Excellency,

        It is with deep regret that we would like to appeal to you for further review of the Endeavour awards. It comes as a big surprise that the endeavour award has been scraped off this year and merely an unfeeling note of generic statement that “the competition was high for a few slot” does not do justice for our hopes and dreams that we built around the endeavour scholarship by the Australian Government for the third world countries. I would like to bring it to your notice that Applicants from third world country goes through big decision to apply for Endeavour Awards. First of all we have to think a lot to sit for an IELTS as it incurs about close to 200 dollars which is about 2 months salary and the IELTS expires within 2 years and within that time we cannot apply for a loan as we would not have paid our loan in two years. The paper processing takes almost a month. One could estimate that half of the year is spent on filling up the application and the post application period is very terrible, As one goes through depression of hope and despair and it becomes intense as November draws closer. This year Endeavour has done enough emotional damage on us as we were hopeful- comparing with the award holders of last year. Studying in Australia is our big hope and dreams as in comparison to our schooling where we started from shacks and bamboo huts. We try hard because we know Australia Scholarship is the best in the world and we did not even try for United States and other European Countries.
        But this christmas we were let down by Endeavour awards and quite shocked that a developed country could send a mere generic unsuccessful letter to all candidates.

        In light of our above plight we would like to make a plea to your Excellency to review the application again and kindly consider those whose academic achievments are better than the ones selected last year.
        We are hopeful that Your Excellency will reconsider our plea to study in Australia.

        • I am with you i will mail and so should others please!
          Hey can i ask wat was the date on ypur mail? Mine was 24th oct. And the mail for delay did it say unofficial?

  8. I advise you guys to forget everything about the Endeavour Awards. The scheme is gradually grinding to a failure. I bet you that the outcome of the next session of 2014 would be even worse than this one. The moment a delay was announced in the present 2013 session I figured that there was something wrong happening somewhere, especially when the news filtered out that the minister’s approval for the successful candidates was being awaited, for a very long time! Okay, if that approval was being awaited, why were the UNSUCCESSFUL candidates not informed? Were they waiting also for the minister to approve the list of unsuccessful candidates? Normally, the minister’s approval of the successful ones is necessary since the minister would have to know the financial implications of such awards; but the minister doesn’t have to know ANY financial implications (which is zero) in case of sending out notices to UNSUCCESSFUL candidates. Then it began to take eons of time for the minister to approve the list of successful candidates: this was another RED FLAG! The end-result is that something awful must have happened somewhere along the line. But the bottom line was that there must have been some disagreement somewhere within the ministry/department. As such there was an urgent agreement to send out these unsuccessful notifications which bore October 24 2012! If you had been marked out as unsuccessful since October 24, why were you not informed all through the month of November? And why was this unsuccessful notification only coming out on the 18th of December, almost 2 months later? My read to the whole event is that most of you that were sent unsuccessful mails passed the test but the disagreement within the department resulted in converting your success to rejection. Period! I think the party is over with respect to the Endeavour Awards. Just begin to scout for other scholarship alternatives. The door is gradually being slammed on the Endeavour Awards and all the hype being bandied about it is dying out, like a receding echo. I understand the Endeavour Management is doing most of you a favour in organizing this scholarship scheme but, for Heaven’s sake, they must equally live to their billing and treat you like decent human beings! I know they will never tell you the reason for this mess for reason of protecting their image. Don’t be surprised that they will now detail an official liar to liaise with you in case you ask questions as to why you failed. This person will always give you one flimsy reason or the other but sometimes will fall into the trap of saying something about your application which might not be true! As I said, earlier, don’t lay all your trust on Endeavour, for they will surely disappoint you again in the near and distant future.

    • It is certainly disappointing cuz the requirements for Endeavour Awards are very high. For instance, I had to apply and gain admission at an Australian University which is a requirement for EPA. This costed money (AU$100) and effort to search for potential supervisors, developing a research proposal, search for credible referees, postage charge, etc.

      My concern is, if the EA team and the ministry knew all along that there would be limited number of awards for 2013 round, they should have frankly announced it during the opening of the round. Most of us thought there would be 500 – 600 awards as usual for this round.

      This is a total blunder and lack of foresight!

      • They should have done done it from the very early stage. I am absolutely furious at the way they treated us. Maybe they can’t support this scholarship anymore because of the economic situation they are facing. But at least they should have informed us first, then we didn’t have to waste too much time, money, effort and patience on this. Totally disappointed!!!

    • Not getting the scholarship was not so disappointing. !!! The irresponsible delay was!! that messed up the timing for applying for other alternatives. Cant believe there is no difference between first world and our own countries,,, stretchable time and highly irresponsible Management.!!!!Total disaster!!

  9. Hi All

    FYI please download the 2013 Endeavour Awards Holders list for all categories via the following link;


    This seemed to be the shortest list ever in the history of Endeavour Awards. There are only 11 EPA holders for 2013 only from 6 countries. Unbelievable! Probably due to budgetary constraints :(

    See for your selves. If you are in this list, big CONGRATULATIONS to you and all the best in your studies.

  10. I had doubted from the delay itself that there was a budget problem. So far no one got it from Bhutan and now it has been highlighted in national newspaper Kuensel (www.kuenselonline.com) that no one has reported about the success. It is not easy to apply for the scholarship. We have to sit for IELTS, certify the docs, put effort to fill the 5 questions with care. Now see, my IELTS certificate is worthless as it has expired (2 years). Who ever are involved in this, please take care the input of applicants. This really hurts.
    I also like to request that if the result could be announced at earliest rather waiting for 6 months, so that unsuccessful applicants can work on other scholarship and there will be no hassle with the validity of IELTS certificate.
    Anyways, I pray and wish all the friends (endeavour applicant ) best of luck in their future endeavour. God bless all.

    • Hi, Guys, me too unsuccessful, is there any method we can convey our voice /words to Endeavour management, that they did not deal us with justice, they wasted our time, and I think we should not apply next time. I am sure there is huge cutoff in Endeavour budget.

    • is there a way we can complain to authorities of Endeavour awards for taking us lightly and sending unsympathetic note of regret without any feelings to all. The truth is there is no endeavour for 2013 and it is a big crime on the Endeavours part to hoodwink us in spending half the year to fill up the application. There must be a way to sue the Endeavour committee for the traumatic experiences that we had to go through and at the end they non-chalantly dismiss awards for all the international applicants. Also we will be grateful if they would refund the IELTS fee. It is a month’s salary for us. How can they be so ruthless?

    • Tshering Dorji,

      I totally agree with u. From Bhutan, i presume about 2000 candidates applied for the various scholarship programs of endeavour. Tonite’s news says only 1 successful applicant from Bhutan. From my personal experience, I had to go all the way to kolkata (India) for my IELTS & have incurred quite an expenditure on that. I too had high hopes of securing one slot in the scholarship.

      All we can do is say “Whatever Happens it Happens for the Best”.

  11. It is unbelievable indeed… I am unsuccessful …though I have an excellent academic record + 6 years of work experience … !!! … I should have been applied to FULBRIGHT scholarship and not wasting my time .. honestly, I will not advise my colleagues to apply next year for this award… it has been cut off and the awardees number is reduces very very much !!! … now the recession is hitting the educational sector budget … so frustrating …

    • frustrating to receive an unsuccessful email for Post grad..wasting my time right…
      Have any one from Solomon Islands successful?


  12. VET…Unsuccessful :( this was the second time i had applied from Pakistan and it got rejected however i was quite confident this time.

  13. This years it seems that endeavour award has ignored the Bhutanese candidate, i asked most of the friends around the country none of them has got. Dear endeavour management team could u please give us the list of successful candidate base on country wise please.

    • AG

      Just got my EPA result via email today. Unsuccessful:( Very sad indeed. Though I was very confident this year with my profile. 7 publications – 6 local and 1 international, a Masters from the University of Queensland + 6 years work experience as an academic. I included two international referees + 1 local (2 professors + 1 associate prof). Can’t believe it. The date on my notification was 24 October and I had to wait for almost 2 months to learn that my application was unsuccessful. Very disappointing.

      Anyway, those successful ones please do post us your stories. How about you AG?

  14. Hi,
    As I recieved an unsuccessful result I hope you guys get successful results. But as i see others comments no one is successfull. I thinks this year there is no awards.

    • i don’t know what happened i am also one of the unsuccessful candidates i waited 7 months just to hear that. i put allot of effort into my application i literary covered each and every point required i guess they don’t look into your application they don’t care i mean what other explanation there might be what is the selection criteria i am just hurt to hear about my unsuccessful application simply explained to me in just two sentences how rude i am never ever going to apply for E AWARDS again.
      wish you best of luck every one

  15. Dear all, just informing you that my EPA application has been announced too and the result is unsuccessful :) Wishing you all the best of luck with your application, congratulations for the successfull applicants..and for those who are unsuccessful, don’t give up! Cheers :)

    • I am beginning to lose faith in Endeavour award of AUstralia. It used to be the best award and hope for people from impoverished country. But his year Endeavour made a fool out of us who diligently worked hard to prepare and fill up the application for Endeavour award. I see that there are no endeavour award for Masters this year. Please do not play trick on us.

    • So far i haven’t heard any successful stories from applicants in Bhutan. I am as well beginning to doubt whether Australian Govt. has specifically decided to do away with the intake of bhutanese applicants for Endeavor Awards 2013 round or the number of slots has been drastically reduced to balance the excessive intake taken in the previous round.
      Anyways congrats to all the successful people; you people are successful only because you all deserve it.

    • Hi everyone, I applied for EPA but it was unsuccessful too. I am too sad to know this; can’t help but have to accept it. Is there anyway to know total number of EPA, as it seems most of us who applied for EPA didn’t get it OR is it that EA has drastically reduced the number of EPA in 2012 ? Since there is no second round that is the reason I was very much optimistic this time. Probably, again I will be looking for some other awards/scholarship for postgraduate program. Those who are successful EPA recipients ” I wish them all the BEST” and the one like me ” do not give up your HOPE” probably God has some other plan for us. Best Regards….Motilal (Dhaka).

      • I am kind of exhausted now. I tried my best to prepare for my application with such big challenges. I was quite confident with my profile, too. Some Endeavour Awards Holders in my forum highly appraised my profile and believed I could get it. But then, after long tiring days waiting for the result, I just got an UNSUCCESSFUL notification. I want to know the reasons!!!!!!!!!! No one has got the SUCCESSFUL one until now? Are they kidding us? ~~

        • Hi everyone!

          It certainly smells fishy to me. Let’s wait for successful applicants list to be announced. There has been one for previous rounds. But, it IS strange there still hasn’t been one positive answer on this forum. This awful delay makes me to conclude that somekind of last-minute-budget-cut took place.

      • Hi everyone
        Is the result really genuine? Like all the people posted here, so far I havent heard any success stories from our country Bhutan too?. How can this be? Or were we applying to scholarship called endeavour which even didnt exist? Australia is developed and a leader in science and education, and country of such stature cannot play trick on applicants from poor countries. Applicants have been waiting for almost two months for the outcome, and when it finally did, no one seem to have got through. I believe most of the applicants have sacrifice their opportunities in other scholarship hoping to get endeavour which really delayed in announcing. What is going on? And moreover I dont know why in my result there is date 24 October 2012 written just below my address, and we really cannot understand which department is the real administrator, DEEWR OR DIRSTRE, because the letter head of the result belongs to DIRSTRE and the sender is DEEWR. Could someone really explain me?

        • Dear readers,
          Seems the awards is joking because as said by many it sounds no one was successful from Bhutan. I have contacted many friend who had applied for the endeavour but none of them got through. I think there is some fishy with the awards for 2013.
          All the best for those who got through and try again those who are not successful. I lost my hope for the endeavor..

  16. Hello friends finally the result is out but from my place so far i haven’t hear any of the successfull candidate. Do any one have the ideas/link from where we can see all the alumni award holder of 2013?
    PLease share!

  17. Sounds like some good news is starting to come through for some of you. Congratulations to all successful applicants, especially if you are coming to Macquarie in 2013. Let us know if you are, and what you’ll be studying!

  18. Hi guys! I tried to call the department this morning and no one is picking up the phone on that extension, the sent you straight away to voicemail with a message asking you to send an email to endeavour.awards@innovation.gov.au
    Well, the more we are sending emails and calling, the better it is because puts the department under pressure…maybe that way we will get our results quicker!

    Good luck to everyone.

  19. I recently talked with a friend of mine who provides counseling services to the Fulbright and Chevening Awards. He told me that it seems stupid that the Endeavour Team is only waiting for a ministerial approval for such a long time, since a number of parliamentarians are responsible for a specific ministry which means that if one is not available, there could be no or at least minor delays. Secondly, the reason is not worth buying. He believes that the evaluation team may have been encountering some other technical problems and this pretext is a simple face saving device.

    Moreover, he said that for any scholarship, almost half of the applicants are those that are rejected firsthand. Almost 20% of cases are always the deserving ones, and since the awards range between 4% to 7% of total applications submitted, the ones who get one are simply lucky, since it is a lottery after that. So, even if one has a very strong application, one can never be sure if one will get the Award. So his suggestion for the moment: Dont be worried, no news is good news, and assume for the moment that you have been rejected, as it will provide you with options as to what to do next, and if you really get a rejection it wont hurt as much after such a tiresome amount of anticipation. All is well, if you get one though!

  20. All this waiting is really frustrating. I feel like the Endeavour team has no respect for us applicants. They could at least inform us a definite time for the outcomes. How can the minister’s approval take this long? From November, to late November to early December and now it’s mid December, are we going to have to wait until January? What about all the ones that applied for semester 1 which starts in early February? Don’t they know how long visa applications take?
    I wonder if anyone from the Endeavour team bothers to read any of our comments. If they do actually understand our frustrations, shouldn’t they take some sort of action to urge the minister to sign the darn list??? >.<

  21. My busy work can help me to be patiently waiting for the result…Hope to hear from the program this week! :) Have a nice day everyone! Please post here if anyone receives the email for result notification. Cheers!

    • Ya, its rly very frustrating to wait for such a long time. The endeavour team should notify us regarding the reasons for delay clearly. They are now not giving us the exact date for result announcement as well. Its even more depressing that we don’t know how long to wait further..I think someone in Canberra should check out the actual reasons for the delay :(

      • there is An important question. have unsuccessful students announced about their results???? because i think they do not need the minister’s approval

    • I assume there are zillions of Endeavor applicants and only chosen few who gets the notice. Thus, not all applicants receive the e-mail notifications (whether he/she succeed or fall short. By the way, I am waiting it too (every night every day I could not sleep soundly let alone think clearly!).

  22. Better apply for other scholarships cos endeavour has no plans to provide scholarships this year.Thats why they are coming up with all these excuses since November…:(

  23. Auto reply now says, “The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We appreciate your patience.”

    It does not indicate a definite date anymore…

  24. Dear All,

    I spoke to a lady who works for Endeavours Team (+61 2 6213 6000) and she gave me the ‘same’ reply that ‘we are still waiting for ministerial approval’. The results will be announced this week.

    However, I asked her if the results will get delayed further than this week. She said apparently there are chances the results will be announced this week. It is extremely disappointing to see such delay in first world nations. However, we will have to be really patient for the awards’ results. Best of luck everyone. Hope InshaAllah everyone gets to hear good news.


  25. Hey! Hi guys. Please can some one tell me that when I am going to receive the outcome. I am really getting worried. Please answer if some one knows.

    • The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.
      Thank you for your email, please allow 5-7 working days to receive a response.
      Please note you will not receive a response to your email if your question has been answered in the Applicant Guidelines or Frequently Asked Questions available on the Endeavour Awards website.
      Applications for the 2014 Endeavour Awards round will open in April 2013.
      For other scholarship opportunities available to international students, please visit the Study in Australia website at http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au.

      Australians interested in studying abroad should also visit the Study Overseas website at http://www.studyoverseas.gov.au.
      Thank you for your interest in the Endeavour Awards.
      This is an automated response. Please do not reply to this message

      The information contained in this email message and any attached files may be confidential information, and may also be the subject of legal professional privilege. If you are not the intended recipient any use, disclosure or copying of this email is unauthorised. If you received this email in error, please notify the sender by contacting the DEEWR Switchboard on 13 33 97 (1DEEWR) during business hours (8am – 5pm Local time) and delete all copies of this transmission together with any attachments.

      The above is the auto reply from last week till today.

  26. Dear All,

    If anyone is going to call the Department of Innovation , Industry and Tertiary Education today to ask for the Endeavor outcome please do inform us , as we are all awaiting and expecting that the results will be announced today by : Monday/17/Dec/2012.

    We only need a confirmation from the Department whether they will send the e-mails this Monday or delay it again.

    Thank you in advance….

  27. Now they have also changed the autogenerated reply :
    The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We appreciate your patience.

  28. Hi everyone. I have really appreciated the posts so far to enlighten that many of us feel the same about the notification of the award. Many things in life are left to chance. Receiving an Endeavour Award is no exception to this. I congratulate everyone for their diligence and patience over this stressful time in our academic pursue for further excellence. All the best to everyone, and remember through perseverance you will all attract great things to accomplish your goals.

    • only the PM have been announced the rest haven’t been announced, i wonder why?
      the PM got the ministerial approval and others didnt….

  29. hello,
    are u sure that the results won’t be published today? has anybody tried to contact the endeavour management team?
    please update

    • Why not you give a call to the number below. (+61 2 6213 6000)
      Its already 5:15 pm Endeavour time, so no way anyone get result. :(
      In the history of Endeavour, this is a big failure, mismanagement, and again they are acting very unprofessionally. Last round of applicants were informed 1st week of Nov 2011, and this time delayed to end of Nov, then Early Dec, then 14th. This is too much. Its a shame to a big country like Australia.

    • this is difficult to wait.. i have 3 young children. does anyone know when the results are now expected? the e-mail did say that we would all know on the 14th regardless of the result.. i would like to think that there is still hope!

    • Developing linkages through excellence in education
      The Endeavour Awards is the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Europe and Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Awards are also available for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad.

      There are no news items.

  30. oh no…….. thats not fair with us,another week wait uffffffffffffffffffffffff, any one have any new update pls share us,
    i m very thanks to candidates who share updates,

    • I called the number as well, she said the lady in charge of this has gone home and will be back on Monday. So any news will be later. She didnt give exact date.

      Endeavour should be more responsible than this I believe, the whole world is watching. They could send “UNOFFICIAL” results to applicants and keep their excitement and anxiety a bit lower with that even I guess. In the same email they can state that results will be official when PM signs and official letters are issued. :) A small association also can do that much I guess, and so a bigger body like Endeavour should be more accountable when they are dealing with worldwide applicants. We all have plans, children enrolment, holiday, ….. our Christmaas also getting spoilt.. :( :(

    • Nothing is free in life.we have to pay something.Like a whole year in searching,planning,managing application and now finally waiting for the RESULT??? Its too worthy. Any way, lets hope and pray for the best.

    • you can check the result on monday at 7:00 am PST (it wd be 12:00 pm AST). you would be selected Inshallah. Judging from ur xclamation sign ‘UFFFFFF’, i think u r from pakistan. :) so best ov luck country mate.

  31. Roxie from where did you get the contact number of that lady (endeavouraward) and are you sure that the result will be likely to pospone to next Monday what she said?. If so they should notify us like last time in the mail knoww. Lets wait until 5 pm.

  32. I could not sleep whole night, continuously wiping my eyes and eagerly waiting for the result, but still i could not receive the mail. If the days goes on post ponding, how can we process all the documents and be ready within the short duration. On top of this we don’t have Australia Embassy in our country which may take more time for visa processing from the 3rd country.

    • Hi,
      You no need to worry for the visa processing and staffs. If you are really selected for the scholarship you can come in June July which you will get 2 summer break to spend in Australia which you will get more time to work about 6 months. If come January February u will get only one summer break which is only three months. From my experience, its better for every award holders to come Australia to study between June July which is more $ and Jan. Feb. is less $…..
      Best of Luck….

      • I am just wandering when are the results going to be declared. It is getting delayed. It was actually supposed to be announced by the first week of December or the last week of November but no news. I am also worried because my course will be starting from end of January and I am in a doubt whether the institute will accept my request of taking me a little later may be in June or July accordingly as I feel that if incase I get selected then I have less time to process for my documents. Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  33. I do not understand how they will be able to inform all these people in one day and almost half of the day has past. If there is any news please comment so the others may stop worrying.

    • AG, none. Canberra’s time is 12:02 pm. Haven’t received anything yet!
      Will take some sleeping pills and dose off for a while. See you guys later in the evening. Give me a buzz on +675 71074314 if you get any updates.

      All the best!

    • Hi AG,, i have spoken with one of the team members….she inform me that, they still waiting for the ministry approval…..and she also said that, may today they will publish the result or defiantly Monday next week………..
      Man its too much frustrating……….IN SHA ALLAH EVERY BODY WILL GET THE SCHOLARSHIP………..

  34. As the saying goes “No news is good news”. ha ha ha :)
    Please guys if you’ve received your result today just inform everyone of us that you did but DO NOT give us the details.

    Fingers crossed!

  35. The day that everyone were waiting for has arrive. Get your fingers cross and eyes close tightly as you ready to open you email. Good luck to everyone.

  36. The email stated the result will be declared by 14/12/12. Has anyone received anything or all of us will be notified tomorrow.

    If anyone is informed please do comment. best of luck.

  37. No choice guys. Friday 14 Dec is pretty late. If the outcome is positive for me I might commence studies in Semester 2 2013 as far as the process involved in obtaining a student visa is concern. If you really want to commence studies in semester 1 2013 start praying now. :)

    • Is it possible to postpone commencement to the 2nd semester? I am concerned as well… maybe we do not have enough time to get visa to commence in the first semester…

    • This forum has been very helpful, especially during this crucial moment of waiting… Thanks everybody and wish u all the best!! Hope all of us will have good news tom.

    • Hey just called the endeavour award team and they do not have the final results yet. They told me hopefuly next week :(

      If we are one of the fortunate winners, the study will have to commence later unfortunately, the visa application process will be the same as any other student.

      Well guys merry xmas and good luck!

      • Is it really that we are not getting the results until next week? that is not cool! haha I see I am not the only one who is getting anxious…
        I think that if the results are not coming today, they will send and e mail as they did last week, won´t they?
        I just want to know the outcome whatever it is! :)
        good luck to all of you!

  38. Counting down with heart beats pumping fast than normal…haha……..For sure I will have to defer my studies for second semester……with the long processs in visa …I would not be able to be on time in compus…..cheerz to all…..give your selve some cup full of wine after you receive a sucessful result.

    • Hi patrick..if you are successful don’t you think that there will be a special arrangements and assistance by the Australian embassies for you and to all the award holders to get the visas on time ??? … so that you will not need to defer into a second semester..right ??..

        • Hello Patrick,

          Have you received any response, reply or confirmation regarding your above inquiry ??.. I believe that we should ask the Endeavor awards team or the Australian Embassy/consulates for a confirmation whether the award holders will have a preference and fast process to get the student Visa on time ….

  39. EA message says result shall be declared “by Friday 14 December 2012″. It means anytime, today, tomorrow, or finally the DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!

    Waiting feels like swimming in Tsunami :(

    All the best everybody.

  40. Hayat as you have mentioned,

    Same to me, when i log in, the status has been changed to “There are no news items”. Updates please me pls…..

    • Still the same message… I just wonder if these folks really got the notification regarding 14th as a final date. If yes, then why didn’t i hear anything?

      • Hayat

        Did you ever email an inquiry to the EA Team? If the answer is NO than you have not registered a query against your email, hence no notification was sent to you. I assume only those that have at least registered a query with EA Team will have received the notification.

        Did you guys notice?? When you send an email to you receive an automated reply immediately which states that (apart from other information) “Thank you for your email, please allow 5-7 working days to receive a response.”

        The delay notification is actually the result of that. So those of you who did not receive this notification should not press your panic buttons. At least those of us who inquired are relaying the message to you. Lets all keep each one of us posted of any updates for our own benefit.

        Cheers to Friday the 14th!!:)

        • Hayat,

          I dont agree with you. It is because even those who didnt inquire with EA team, received the notification email. So i wonder, those who didnt receive notification maay be due to reason that they are left out in first place itself….hahahah

  41. every body very nervous regarding the announcement of awards 2013,i pray all of you for yours best,now just cool all applicant and wait for the biggest day friday the 14th december 2013,best of luck all candidates.

  42. When i log in, the status has been changed from previous text to this one “There are no news items”. Anybody else has this on their status? Updates please….

  43. Now they have changed the automated reply with the follwing text :)
    Good Luck to everyone
    The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.

  44. Hi everybody.
    I am also the applicant of endeavour award.As all we knew that the result is on 14, now question is that, Is this necessary to inform the host institute about the delay of result?

  45. I failed to understand why I did not receive notification from endeavour team on the delay announcement of the outcome when all my friends in my office who applied for endeavour awards received it in the first hours?? The email address used for this purpose is still active though… Are there any applicants who are in same situation? Can anyone explain to me ‘why’?

  46. I also got a notification that says:


    The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.

    Kind regards,
    Endeavour Awards Management

    Any updates? any news?

  47. All,

    I want to apologize to all, for my selfish comment……I think im so selfish and rude somehow to posted that comment….Im very sorry for that. I know all who are apply for this program worth deserving it……and I want to wish everybody best of all the lucks.

    • Dear All, pls note that there is a VERY important note here which is that some ppl received the email from the Endeavor team with the header : [UNOFFICIAL] and some other ppl received it with the header : [UNCLASSIFIED] … so, what is the difference ?? what does it mean ?? could it be that one group of them got the award and the other one has not ???…

      • Simple my dear. Classified is for those ppls who sent email for asking about result by management and unofficial is for all others applicant.

          • Rayan

            Good question. I assume UNCLASSIFIED means not a secret or not assigned to a class or category … in other words General Information as opposed to CLASSIFIED Information, & UNOFFICIAL means not formal or officially endorsed. When I inquired with EA I got a response with a subject line that ended with [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] which I assume SEC stands for Security Level = Information not assigned to a class or category. But the recent delay notification I received on Friday had a subject line that ended with [SEC=UNOFFICIAL] which simply implies Security level = unofficial or not formally endorsed. I don’t see much difference in that unless the notification subject line ends with a [SEC-CLASSIFIED] which would mean it is only targeted for a specific class or category of people i.e. either the successful or the unsuccessful applicants.
            For those who did not receive the notification, I would suggest you inquire with EA Management Team and ask them politely as to why you did not receive the notification when your fellow applicants did.
            But please think positive. Best of luck!

      • yes its very wierd why some got “unoffical” others “unclasified” and ome didnt even get the email. my head is spinning cant think anymore!!! :s

      • hefung
        u are right but its still confusing, why did they send the message to a group of ppl as unofficial security level and others as unclassified. hav they already made the 2 groups? its sooo confusing m tired of thinking!!

          • Thanks Sami. The Security Level (SEC) is already given; UNCLASSIFIED or UNOFFICIAL. Before the sender clicks send they will have to assign a security level.
            Below are some examples of Security Levels;
            (Restricted (sometimes known as Protected), Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Thermo Nuclear Codes, etc.)
            Different organizations including governments use different security levels when communicating via email with their clients, partners, employees, agents, etc.

            As for our case, we are all applicants for the Endeavour Awards, so the UNCLASSIFIED email means neither a successful nor unsuccessful applicant is targeted. The UNOFFICIAL delay notification we received simply means the date 14 December for announcement is not official and is subject to change. That is why in the notification they stated that “We ANTICIPATE to make the announcements this Friday”. Let’s hope its made earlier or on Friday. I will die on weekend if it is deferred to Monday. he he he! Just kidding :)

        • AG, from my perspective Unclassified and Unofficial do not have much difference in terms of the targeting audience unlike Classified and Official. Of course it is the content of the email that one should be more concerned about. If it is Classified Information then it should imply that only a selected group of ppls are targeted or if it is Official then it simply means it is final and legitimate, no one can change that.

          At this stage it would be unlawful, I suppose for the EA Team to demarcate successful applicants from unsuccessful applicants through unofficial notification emails such as the one we received couple of days ago.

          Having said that, everyone on this forum should now sit back, relax and enjoy the final count down to doomsday! he he he! sorry I mean 14th December.

          • Well explained and clarified most people’s doubt i guess. I really appreciate your effort for that. Well, I am skeptical too whether the outcomes will be announced by Friday 14 Dec or not as they wrote “we anticipate”. I interpret that it is just the EA team’s hope to announce by this date. Anyway, all the best to all the applicants!

    • What does it mean? You mean there are ppl who didn’t get the notification? I’ve got the mail.(9:50am Sydney time) Does it mean that ppl who got the mail are likely to have good news? By the way, thank you for your posting so far.

      • Thanks Patrick

        That sounds like an automated reply to your query. I suppose December 14 is quite late. Can’t do much during the long break in terms of obtaining a student visa until early January if my application turns out successful. I am hoping the Aussie embassy in our respective countries will help us out in that respect.

        Since the date has been specified, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and cut down on checking my emails regularly.

        Good luck to you all !!!

          • AG
            You are correct. Only those who inquired will receive an automated reply like the one below. The last time I inquired, I got this automated reply (see below)
            The 2013 Endeavour Awards Announcement will be made late November 2012.

            Thank you for your email, please allow 5-7 working days to receive a response.

            Please note you will not receive a response to your email if your question has been answered in the Applicant Guidelines or Frequently Asked Questions available on the Endeavour Awards website.
            Applications for the 2014 Endeavour Awards round will open in April 2013.
            For other scholarship opportunities available to international students, please visit the Study in Australia website at http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au.

            Australians interested in studying abroad should also visit the Study Overseas website at http://www.studyoverseas.gov.au.
            Thank you for your interest in the Endeavour Awards.
            This is an automated response. Please do not reply to this message

            But if someone from within the Endeavour Awards Management Team attends to your query this is what it will look like;
            Dear Hefung

            Thank you for your email.

            Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email early December 2012.

            Please advise your proposed host institution that you have applied for an Endeavour Award and the results have not yet been released.

            We appreciate your patience during this peak period.

            Kind regards
            Endeavour Awards Management

          • I received the email and I hadn’t written to them. I suppose they’ve sending it to every applicant.

          • hefung
            thanku for the expanation. well i guess we are all to worried about the outcome :) good luck to all of us!
            btw do u mind if i ask which level of study did u apply for?

      • Kay,

        I’m just joking….I see some pips still wondering like they aint receive anything at all, while the notification has already been out to all……that is why I posted and seriously it didn’t meant anything to hurt anyone…..Thank you.

        Good luck to all.

    • did u inquire bt the result from the endeavour team n then got the mail from them? i didnt mail the endeavour once for inquiry about the result! how can you say the notifications are sent to those who are successful!?

    • Yes, Patrick, what do you mean about the notification? I didn’t get any notification. Sadly, does that mean I’m not successful? Thanks for your updates. Still, good luck everybody!!

      • Kacey & Tashi

        I just got this notification via my email (2.19 pm PGT). I guess you will all have received it by now. Note that the keyword here is that all applicants will be notified of the outcome be Dec 14, which simply implies both successful & unsuccessful application.

        See below;
        The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.

        Kind regards,

        Endeavour Awards Management

  48. All

    This is the notification email I receive this morning

    “Endeavour Awards

    9:58 AM (41 minutes ago)

    to undisclosed recipients


    The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.

    Kind regards,

    Endeavour Awards Management”

    • Hi,

      I sent an email to the Endeavor Awards team and they replied to me. Please read the email they sent me earlier. I hope this clarifies all our questions. :)

      The Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.

      Kind regards,

      Endeavour Awards Management

      • Ayee

        You just got the most recent reply. So the results will be released in a week’s time.
        Only those who registered a query will receive such an email and it is NOT an AUTOMATED reply but a human being’s reply. Please do not press your panic button too quick.

        Best of luck to you all.

    • Got this message just now ..
      UnofficialThe Department apologises for the delay in announcements for the 2013 Endeavour Awards round. We anticipate to be able to notify all applicants of the outcome of their application by Friday 14 December 2012.

      • not sure if i am thinking too much or not,, why some people got an”unclassified” email??? Why some got an “unofficial” email??? Any difference between that??? Mine is “unclassified”..

        • ice…..”unofficial” may be the reply directed to pple who wrote to the endeavour team and “unclassified” may be a general information to the applicants who didn’t write t the team. Thats how i have understood.

        • Yes indeed.. that is the question …why some ppl got UNCLASSIFIED ? and the others got UNOFFICIAL ??… is there any one who have not got this email yet ??……………..

  49. All,

    I spoke with the Department of innovation, industry, and education this morning, and they advised me nicely that, they are waiting for the Minister to sign off for the successful applicants. They said that, once that one is done then they should made the announcement shortly and that depends. They said the signing should be made today, and hopefully tomorrow or may be Monday that the results will be announce. Thank you all and have peace….I urge you all do some pre -visa prep in advance.

    • Apology from the team. They understand that this is the first of its kind for such delays. They know how eagerly the applicants are waiting and they would like to apologize for the delay.

      Thank you

      Patrick Olofia
      Solomon Islands

      • I hope the Australian Government advises the Australian Embassies around the world ( and particularly for the 3rd world countries ) to assist the Awards holders to finalize and receive their Student Visas as soon as possible to get over this delay , so that all students will be able to start their courses in time.

    • Many thanks Patrick. But I think if you look back at the 2012 result’s notification date (i.e. Nov 13), it is possible that they may notify us during weekend.. Lets us all hope for the best… Cheers!

    • If successful with the award, I am not very sure if I could leave on January 2013 becoz there are a lot of paperworks to be completed for travel and christmas holidays too.

      • Tashi…..i have to face same problem……because my masters classes will be started from 9th of January 2013…… i dont knw what i m gonna do……..

        • Same concern, in Mexico a visa takes at least 6 weeks … xmas is just here !! how are we going to make it? and the fly tickets OMG will be so expensive !!!!!!!!

    • I’ve just received an email from the Endeavour team stating that the outcomes will be announced by Dec 14. Talk about delay!

  50. HELLO
    Are there any disable scholarship for us. I currently completed my first semester in BIT from Softwarica College of IT & Ecommerce. Can It be possible to achieve full scholorship with these disability like Profound Hearing loss?? I would be glad to here that we could get everything free. I’m interested in learning Web design and development with latest technology and I’m really passionate about IT areas for my successful professional career!! Im from Nepal.
    Thank you :)

  51. Hello
    I would like to know when will the 2014 intake application open?
    Do you have any other scholarship scheme that provides full scholarship to international students.


    • Hi Subash, if you’re inquiring about the Endeavour Scholarship program for 2014 intake, the 2013 intake application period was April – June 2012. We anticipate it will be similar for 2014 intake (i.e applications will open in April 2013).

  52. Hello
    I would like to know when will the 2013 intake application open?
    Do you have any scholarship scheme that provides full scholarship to international students. i want to do diploma civil Engineering


  53. Did anyone hear about the scholarship results of Endeavour Postgraduate Awards ? I am worried now as they should have confirmed outcomes by now. Can the administration from Macqaurie University contact the people from Endeavours Team ? I dropped them an email which had an automated reply !

  54. Hello, I’m just curious to know if any one of you took Antra’s advice and contacted the endeavour office directly. If so, did they respond?

  55. Hi Antra,
    Are you aware of any updates on the 2013 awards results. I haven’t been notified yet and the website isn’t working. Should I just wait till the 30th of November?

  56. Has any of the applicants for 2013 Endv Awards received any notification? It’s late November and I have not received any notification so just wondering..

  57. I wish to know that by when the endeavour awards intake list of students for 2013 will be out and will the unsuccessful students will be informed .

    • Hi Clementine. The Endeavour program does not operate in Africa, but you would be eligible to apply for a postgraduate award through the Australia Development Scholarship program. For Lethoso, masters scholarships are offered in the priority development areas of: Agriculture/Food Security, Education, Health, Natural Resources Management, Public Policy, Water and Sanitation

      See http://www.adsafrica.com.au/countryLesotho.php (applications for 2014 intake close in December)

  58. Any idea when the outcome of applications for 2013 intake is going to be announced? Previously, they informed via email in the first ten days of November (according to Andeavour Alumni 2012 & 2011). Results have not been announced so far for 2013 intake. Any ideas?

  59. Hi,
    I work for the early childhood care and development program here in Bhutan and am interested to pursue specialization at Master’s level. If i applied for the Macquarie University Scholarships, would i be eligible? If so, what is the application process like ?

  60. Hi;
    i would like to know whether Macquarie provides Masters in Public Administration/ Masters in Education because i am a teacher and will i be eligible to take Masters in Public Administration?

    • HI Sonam, you will find a list of all our postgraduate coursework programs for international students at http://www.international.mq.edu.au/courses/index/pg

      We offer:
      Master of Education (in which you can specialise in Curriculum and Pedagogy, Educational Research or Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education).
      Master of Educational Leadership (specialise in early childhood education or school education)

      You may also be interested in the Master of Policy and Applied Social Research or Master of Politics and Public Policy.

  61. Usually in the Endeavor Scholarship webpage they have mentioned that the successful candidates will be informed in the month of November. Can you please be more specific in the dates as to when exactly the results will be out and will the un-successful candidates be informed also or not? Kindly let me know on this.
    Thank you.

  62. hi
    i just came to know about this programme “scholarship” provided by Macquarie university. do we the Bhutanese people be eligible for such an opportunity?
    do the university provide Bsc in forestry. if so, i have completed the diploma in Forestry within the country and have three years experience, please let me know if i am eligible to take the course

  63. Hi, I am currently doing a Bachelor of Advanced Sci at UWS. I wish to pursue a research career at Macquarie University. I am wondering what particular scholarships are available for me to fulfill my dreams. I wish to start my postgrad in Jan 2014.
    Thank you so much.

  64. Hi

    I have applied for 2013 Endv Program.
    Can some one tell me when exactly the results will be out and how it will be out? Will all the applicants be informed about the results or only the candidates who got the fellowship?


    • 2014 application dates have not yet been published on the website, but if it’s the same as this year, applications will open at the beginning of April and close in late June.

  65. Hello Madam,
    I have done my Bsc. Nursing from Latrobe University in year 2007 and i woulld like to persuade my masters in clinical nursing.
    Please let me know when you have announcement in Masters in any Clinical nursing for 2013 intake.
    Hope to hear from you sooon

  66. Sir/Madam,
    I have a degree in B.COM from my country and i would like to apply for VET award by Australian Government. Am i eligible for it. Please share.


  67. Im really interested to know more about this scholarship,please ca you inform me about this program as im interested to take a course for the Diploma in Business Management.

  68. Hi sir…i did my diploma course in civil engineering and i am in the job for almost four years now. The task assigned to me are usually the developmental activities like new constructions and the renovations of the old structures in my small town. I feel like the technologies & the method we apply in our country are still not so advanced. Therefore i would like to know whether i can pursue my PG in advance civil engineering. Help me please sir. Tek Bdr. Gurung ..Bhutan

    • Hi there, Macquarie is excited to be offering a Master of Engineering Management degree from 2013, in collaboration with the Macquarie Gradate School of Management. You can find more information about it here:

  69. hey there keep it up for ya efforts in guiding students:) actually i wanted to ask that wether the post graduate award offers phd in business administration as well?i ave done my m phil from pakistan bn currently lookin for the phd through award

    • Hi Nusrat, The Endeavour Postgraduate Award is available to international students studying in any field, and covers tuition fees for up to 2 years for a Masters and up to 4 years for a PhD.For information about higher degree research in Macquarie’s Faculty of Business and Economics, visit

    • There is no such thing call endeavour University. Endeavour is only a scholarship providing body. I have seen endeavour provides scholarship to either VET, masters or Phd.

  70. Hi there,
    i want to do master in MBA later in 2015, now i am doing Bachelor degree in maths/physics. And i am searching scholarship in Endavour university. what are the requirement for the course? please help me
    thank you.
    Tshewang Dorji (Bhutan)

    • Hi Tshewang. The entry requirements for the MBA is a bachelor degree from a recognised university (with strong GPA) and a minimum of two years managerial or professional work experience. For more information, visit .

  71. Hi there !
    I just come to know about it and i am thinking to apply for 2014 . I have MS in economics and have written a very competent thesis but my GPA is low (3.00) , all i want to ask is if i have bright chances of getting this scholarship ?
    thanks in advance

  72. Hello there,

    I am a diploma holder in mechanical engineering. I have been working in hydro plant for almost ten years now. Now, since I am a very much against the environment degradation, I feel sorry the way the tress are being fell at the cost of economy growth. Help me to maintain our mother earth clean and green for the future generations to come.

  73. Hello
    I would like to know when will the 2014 intake application open? And will i know the result by next year June ?
    Also Is there any chance that there will be a second round of intake for 2013 ?
    Do you have any other scholarship scheme that provides full scholarship to international students. My bachelors on Engineering is not yet finished although I will be done on December.


  74. Hi sir, im from solomon island and im a health teacher who wish to under take graduate diploma in enviromental health through your programme, help me what to do.

    • Hi Connie,

      The will be available from 2013. In this diploma, you will be able to select a specialisation in either Environmental Education, Environmental Management, Environmental Science or Environmental Studies. The cost of this diploma in 2013 will be approximately AU$28,000 – AU$29,000 depending on subjects selected.

      As a citizen of the Solomon Islands, you would be eligible to apply for both the Endeavour scholarship program and the Australian Development Scholarships program (for citizens of developing countries). Unfortunately the application deadline has passed for both programs for the 2013 intake – you would need to wait until applications open for the 2014 intake. For more information, see:

      Australia Development Scholarships – Solomon Islands

      Applicants with a bachelor degree GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0 are also eligible to apply for the Macquarie University International Scholarship (MUIS). For more information, visit

  75. Dear sir,
    I am so happy writing to you . I am a university assistant professor in the field of English modern drama . I would be most grateful if you kindly help me to find a training course in drama . I had been teaching drama for undergraduates and postgraduates for twenty years and unfortunately I haven’t see a real play performed on the stage. Looking forward to hear from you . Thanks alot .

    Kanaan Abdullah ,Assistant Prof.
    Dept.,of English,
    Mosul University, IRAQ

  76. i am a university student. My country name is Ethiopa.our education program is not good.i know i can do much please. i want to learn help me

  77. I have completed a Degree in Nursing Science through James Cook university via Fiji campus
    I have been trying since 2010 when I completed my Degree to get a scholarship in my homecountry
    to study in Australia. I would like to complete a masters Degree in Nursing .Can I also apply for this scholarship award

  78. I want to pursue masters of international business from macquire uni, in next year July intake.as the course is for 1 year,will I get post study work visa ?

  79. Hi, i am Malaysian student with pre-university examination stpm which was formerly known as the Higher School Certificate (HSC).Can i deserve this scholarshipt to my first degree?

  80. Sir, i am doing mechanical engineering and keen to go Australia with scholarship. I got your information in social networking site Facebook. While i am filling the form i got problem regarding passport. I have applied for passport, for processing it will take 2 months. But till that time date will close for filling the form. kindly help me what to do…???

  81. hello,,, it is the first time that i know about this scholarship. i am an undergraduate program student. i am doing my thesis project right now. is there any chance for me to follow this scholarship (i really have no idea before)? or any exchange program provided by yours?
    wait for your reply. thank you.

  82. Hi,
    I am pretty interested in the course. I want to pursue it and have a good gpa, but I am an undergraduate.
    I did my Bachelor Of Management Studies from an esteemed college St. Francis College For Women .
    Do let me know if there are any courses for undergraduates. ?

    • Hi Malavika, Entry to Macquarie’s postgraduate programs require a bachelor degree from a recognised university. I would suggest you contact our recruitment team with more details of your qualifications, and they will be able to advise you of your eligibility for entry. Please email prem.krithivasan@mq.edu.au and he will be pleased to assist you.

  83. Hi, i am Macquarie’s future international student who come from Malaysia. I would like to know if the university have any scholarships available and is eligible for international student like me? Thank you.

  84. Hi There,
    I would like to know if this scholarship can be awarded to students that want to only obtain a graduate certificate online. Also, do you have a graduate certificate program in the Arts that allows one to create crafts, like puppets and children’s educational toys for use as educational tools for teaching English globally?

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