KPMG analyst puts her Applied Finance degree into action

“I still remember the first days when I started looking for career opportunities in Thailand,” says Bachelor of Applied Finance graduate Suphanit Singhsachakul. “Every employer knew Macquarie for its finance course.”

Now a Risk Analyst with KPMG in her hometown of Bangkok Thailand, Suphanit says her Macquarie degree gave her a head start not only in finding a job, but also in her first year with the multinational consulting firm.

“My degree helped me understand clients’ financial statements and company status – Macquarie University really prepared me for the real world,” she says.

The diversity of Macquarie’s student body also prepared Suphanit for her current role, studying companies’ business processes and providing recommendations for improvement.

“Our clients are from all over the world: each of them with different cultures, behaviour, attitudes, and even accents. The diversity at Macquarie made it much easier for me,” she says.

Having been interested in finance from a young age, Suphanit says she is glad she pursued her dream of making it her career.

“After graduating from high school, I thought I would have to study a BBA in a Thai university,” she recalls.  “Then my uncle suggested that I apply to Macquarie, saying it was well known for its finance degree. I did my research, loved the university and applied.”

From the moment she got her offer letter from Macquarie (‘my eyes filled with tears!”, she exclaims) to her graduation, Suphanit says Macquarie was the experience of her life.

“Even though it’s been 2 years since my graduation, I still miss the University and Sydney,” she says. “I’ve been making excuses just to fly back to Australia to catch up with my uni friends and get back to the Macquarie campus.”

“I am honestly thankful to God for allowing me to receive such a great education. I have already recommended Macquarie to my sisters, friends, and cousins, and I will continue to do so.”

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