“I am very happy at Macquarie”, says Bachelor of Business Administration student Carolina Basaglia.
“I am very happy at Macquarie”, says Bachelor of Business Administration student Carolina Basaglia.

Brazilian’s big plans in business

After finishing high school, Brazilian student Carolina Basaglia spent three years in Japan, saving towards her major life goal… to study in Australia.

Unfortunately her first Australian experience did not go quite as planned.

“I studied hospitality management at TAFE,” she says. “But I wasn’t satisfied – I wanted something bigger.”

She began researching business degrees, speaking to trusted family and friends that knew of Australian universities.

“I found people knew of Macquarie and spoke highly of it,” she says. “They said ‘go for business administration – it’s a broad degree and you can go anywhere with it’.”

Macquarie’s flexibility means Carolina has been able to tailor her degree to suit her interests and career goals.

“I plan to go back to Brazil and work in marketing, preferably for a big company,” she says. “The marketing and international business aspects of my program will really benefit me.”

“Its reassuring to know that whether I go home or stay in Australia, my degree will be well-recognised and I’ll have good employment opportunities.”

Carolina says that while she was expecting a high-quality education at Macquarie, there have been other positives that she didn’t expect.

“What surprised me was the support,” she exclaims. “The teachers, tutors, PAL sessions… wherever you go, you feel like you are supported so you never feel alone or ‘in the dark’.”

Outside of class, Carolina is often found relaxing by the campus lake… sometimes for a little too long!

“My friends make fun of me because in the summer I get so tanned from sitting outside and occasionally falling asleep!”

She makes up for it by doing most of her study on the weekends in Macquarie’s new library.

“The design is so light and open,” she says. “It’s the kind of place you don’t mind coming to on weekends because it’s such a nice place to be.”

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