Exchange journal: Seoul surprises

Ivy Lam is a Bachelor of Business Administration student at Macquarie and spent Semester 1 2012 on exchange at Korea University in Seoul. Here she shares her impressions.

More multicultural than Australia?
To be honest, I didn’t believe there could be a country more multicultural than Australia. But during the course of my semester abroad, I’ve met more people from various backgrounds than I have throughout the 22 years of my life! The experience is absolutely amazing, and if I were you, I would not think twice about going on exchange.

Culture shock
Maybe I am more naturally tolerable towards change, but I did not suffer too much of a culture shock. As the saying goes, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. All you need to do is go along with everything (well almost everything) and you’ll find yourself so deeply immersed in a culture and lifestyle that it feels like you’ve been living there your entire life.

Heaven for the gluttonous!
Dining in South Korea is simply fantastic – never in my life have I seen so many dishes on one table! Pictured is a typical three-course meal in a traditional Korean restaurant, where you take you shoes off and sit on cushions to enjoy a meal at a low table. Believe it or not, at most places you can refill side dishes like rice throughout your meal for free!

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