Photo: Paul Wright
Photo: Paul Wright

Where are they now?

In recent years we have profiled many of Macquarie’s international students in the Globe. Here’s a snapshot of what some of these students are doing now.


Nicolas Bocquet | France

Master of Applied Finance, graduated 2011

What he said then:
“I chose this particular degree after contacting professionals in Australia and Asia. They told me the degree at Macquarie was one of best in the world.” Read more…

Where he is now:
Statistics Development and Coordination Analyst
European Central Bank


Gustav Mansson | Sweden

Bachelor of International Studies, graduated 2009
Master of International Relations, graduated 2010

What he said then:
“Macquarie’s Global Leadership Program gave me the incentive to participate in things I wouldn’t have otherwise, like the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference in New Zealand. The program has allowed me to put into practise the theory in my degree.” Read more…

Where he is now:
Child rights researcher
Save the Children
, Nepal


Ngoc Nguyen | Vietnam

Bachelor of Applied Finance (Honours), graduated 2011

What she said then:
“You can’t just sit down and wait for opportunities to come – you have to actively grab them. Each part of life at Macquarie has created a great experience I’ll never forget.” Read more…

Where she is now:
Senior Executive, Financial Advisory
Grant Thornton Australia


Raphael Brasil | Brazil

Master of International Communication, graduated 2010

What he said then:
“I took two years to choose the degree I wanted to study and now I’m really starting to uncover my skills. When you put that much thought into something and you’re still passionate about it, no matter what it is or how hard it is, it’s not an obligation.” Read more…

Where he is now:
Radio presenter/producer
Special Broadcasting Service Australia


Amith Vasantha Kumar | India

Master of Biotechnology with Master of Commerce, graduated 2008

What he said then:
“Macquarie has a high standard of education and research in protein chemistry and business studies. I am happy that I made the decision to come to Macquarie – it has made me more employable, particularly in the marketing sector of biotechnology firms.” Read more…

Where he is now:
Relationship executive,
LifeCell International
(the first and largest private cord blood stem cell bank and stem cell solutions provider in India)


Akshay Vishwananth | Kenya

Master of Environmental Studies, graduated 2010

What he said then:
“After having worked in Kenya and working for a year and a half, I knew what skills I had and what I was lacking. I wanted to find a Masters degree that filled all those gaps and Macquarie’s course fit perfectly.” Read more…

Where he is now:
Programme Assistant – Water and Wetlands Programme
International Union for Conservation of Nature

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