“I choose Macquarie because it’s one of the best universities for actuarial studies in Australia,
“I choose Macquarie because it’s one of the best universities for actuarial studies in Australia," says scholarship student Khoa Nguyen.

Future easy to predict for Vietnamese scholarship student

“I have always been amazed by how math and logic can be used to anticipated future events,” says Khoa Nguyen, who is in his first year of a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie.

With outstanding academic results, Khoa is being rewarded with a full MUIS scholarship and recently addressed fellow scholarship students at the welcome function held in their honour.

“The MUIS scholarship is priceless,” Khoa says. “It allows me to focus on my study and get involved with extracurricular activities instead of spending time worrying about my finances.”

“More importantly, it gives me pride and a burning desire to realise my ambitions.”

Khoa describes his experience at Macquarie thus far as ‘phenomenal’, noting that he is receiving far more than just actuarial studies knowledge.

“The Australian style of teaching requires a lot of self-discipline,” he notes. “Lecturers are there for guidance and the rest is up to the student. This teaches self-discipline and time management but also promotes creativity and innovation in students.”

Khoa says he has also been impressed by Macquarie’s vivid campus life.

“There’s tons of fun to be had at weekly events such as student club meetings, barbecues, or big events such as Conception Day,” he says.

“Life in Sydney is more dynamic than in Vietnam. There are a lot of social events and the living environment here is exceptionally good. I also love how natural scenery in protected here. There are so many parks and natural reserves.”

Much of that green parkland can be found on Macquarie’s campus, which Khoa describes as ‘huge’.

“I am amazed by the size of the campus, its modern facilities and large amounts of green space,” he exclaims. “I’ve made a goal for myself to explore every nook and cranny on campus during my time here!”

Applications for the Macquarie University International Scholarship (MUIS) close on October 31, for Session 1 2013 commencement.


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