Photo: Nizar Noor
Photo: Nizar Noor

Double degree sparks passion for international affairs

After completing an undergraduate degree in business and commerce at Monash University, Tamara Haque’s keen interest in development issues bought her to Macquarie and the Master of International Relations with Master of International Trade and Commerce Law.

The Bangladeshi citizen has just completed the 1.5-year program, which is suited to students with a strong interest in international business, environmental and commercial law, and international affairs.

“I looked through the degree options at some of the top Australian universities and Macquarie was the only one that offered me this option, along with so many other exciting and enriching facilities,” Tamara says.

It didn’t take long for Tamara to fall in love with her new university.

“I fell in love with the Macquarie campus my very first day!” she exclaims. “I show it off to whoever comes to visit. Autumn is an especially gorgeous time to take a stroll under the trees.”

Tamara also found herself strolling the cobbled streets of Prague, thanks to her participation in the Global Leadership Program, and Macquarie’s generous student mobility scholarships.

“The GLP program facilitated my travel to an international conference,” she notes. “Prague had always been one of my dream places to travel to, and that dream materialised thanks to Macquarie.”

Tamara says she feels honoured to have learned from Macquarie teachers that she considers ‘passionate and very well-informed’.

“Of the many, Dr Rafiqul Islam, Dr Noah Bassil and Dr Alan Clark provided very riveting lectures and created in me the desire and passion for what I want to do in the future.”

She is confident the degree will help her in her chosen field.

“I hope to work in international development and the degree has provided me with vast amounts of knowledge and experience,” she says. “It has given me great confidence.”

The Master of International Relations can also be combined with the Master of International Business or Master of International Communication.

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