Football fan finds Munich the perfect exchange destination

Korean Jaemin Hwang has just finished his second year of a Bachelor of Commerce-Professional Accounting. Here he shares his exchange experience at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich in Germany.

“Going on exchange was always number one on my to-do list while studying in university.

People said the reason I chose Germany was because of the excellent beer, sausages and soccer. Actually, yes!

But the main reason why I chose Munich was because it is centrally located in Europe and most of the countries I planned to travel to were only few hours away by train.

So if you want to travel and see all the romantic cities in Europe? Don’t hesitate – Munich is the right answer for you!

My four months in Munich were fascinating and the best moment of my lifetime.

During my stay there, I luckily had chance to watch the Champions League final, EURO 2012 and Bundesliga (the German football league).

As a huge fan of soccer, I enjoyed watching it with my German friends, enjoying excellent beer and yummy sausage. I could feel the real passion and how much Germans are in love with soccer.

Some other things I will never forget from my time in Germany include the Berlin Philharmonic, Munich’s English Garden, and amazing cities such as Berlin, Fussen, Hamburg, Dresden and Frankfurt.

My exchange experience has changed my mind, lifestyle and the way I see the world. It has made me a lot more mature.

I would like to thank Macquarie for giving me the opportunity to go on exchange.”

Generous travel grants are available for Macquarie University students going on exchange.