2012 LUCY participants and their mentors. [Photo: Iain Brew]
2012 LUCY participants and their mentors. [Photo: Iain Brew]

Female students get a career boost from Lucy

The future of Macquarie’s most promising female business undergraduates looks even brighter with the expansion of the ‘Lucy’ program to international students.

An innovative mentoring program for students in the Faculty of Business and Economics, Lucy connects young female students with successful business leaders in the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors.

Host companies in 2012 included PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter and Gamble, Deloitte and Ernst and Young.

Students in the program commit to spending a total of 35 hours in the mentor’s workplace, either in one block or over a negotiated period of time between June and October.

Program coordinator Christine Chung says the program has one clear goal.

“Lucy aims to encourage the development of women who, given the right opportunities and support, will become our future leaders,” she says.

“Participants have the chance to actively participate in their mentor’s organisation, giving them invaluable ‘real-world’ business experience to supplement their study at Macquarie.“

“My mentor taught me that being an effective leader requires a lot of soft skills,“ says Lucy participant Delia Deng who is studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with Bachelor of Science. “It’s so much more than number crunching in front of a computer screen.” [Photo: Iain Brew]
Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting student Sezen Er says her time at ANZ opened her eyes to the different career paths available to her.

“When I first heard of this opportunity, I thought ‘this is unbelievable, to be able to gain this type of experience’”, she says.

“Going out into the real world and learning about different people, their career choices, their decisions, their lifestyle and what they do at work, has been phenomenal.”

“I was also able to see different areas within a bank, areas that I would have never imagined, and this helped me to understand my future career opportunities.”

Sezen adds that the program brought unexpected benefits as well.

“Seeing my mentor so enthusiastic about teaching me inspired me to help others,” she says. “So I applied to be a mentor in the Mentors@Macquarie program as well as LEAP, Macquarie’s mentoring program for refugee and disadvantaged students.”

The Lucy program is open to students in their second year (or above) of an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Business and Economics. For further information, contact Christine Chung (Student Support Officer) at christine.chung@mq.edu.au.


    How do I apply for this? What are the requirements?

    • Antra

      Hi Peixuan, please see the email contact at the bottom of the story.