Young scholar’s dreams for a better Bangladesh

With outstanding academic results, undergraduate student Amit Bhattacharjee had a number of universities courting him with scholarship offers. So what made him decide to study Biomolecular Sciences at Macquarie with a MUIS scholarship?

“Macquarie’s reputation as a world-class, research-intensive university is what attracted me the most,” he says. “Macquarie’s teachers in this discipline are truly phenomenal.”

Having held a long-time fascination with biology and chemistry, Amit is undertaking the highly flexible Bachelor of Science at Macquarie, and is aiming for a research career after he graduates.

“My home country of Bangladesh is an unfortunate victim of climatic change and it is expected that large areas of the country will be flooded if the sea level continues to rise at the current rate,” he says. “There is a lot of research required in order to find crop species that can tolerate abiotic stresses like salinity and submergence but there is a scarcity of expert biomolecular scientists.”

“With the qualifications and research skills I will gain at Macquarie, I’ll be able to make valuable contributions to these research projects and create a better Bangladesh.

Amit says that although coming to Australia to study was a daunting prospect, the support he has received as an international student has been ‘extraordinary’.

“Everyone is so nice and understanding,” he says “The transition to life halfway across the globe has been made a lot easier.”

He adds that he has received more than just ‘assistance’ from University staff.

“I prefer to use the word ‘affection’,” he notes. “Because each and every person I have asked for help here has gone out of their way to make sure I was comfortable.”

“It’s truly is something I’ll cherish forever.”

28 majors are available in the Bachelor of Science, including Biomolecular Sciences, Climate Science, Electronics, Environmental Management, Photonics and Statistics.

  • Cindy

    I am interested in Bachelor of Science major in Boiomolecular sciences too.
    Are the People and Planet units compulsory ? If so, does it matter which units I choose ?

  • hasdak

    hi…I’m Hasdak.. I’m a H.S.C Bach.. what do i do after my exam.. I’m in commerce..

  • Mahmodul islam

    Hello, i have got a conditional offer letter from macquarie in ms on biotechnology. my undergrad degree was bachelor in pharmacy with cGPA 3.50. in case of scholarship concern is there any suitable scholarship for me that i can apply.
    thank you

  • Ashraf Ali Parvez

    Hello vai,
    I am doing H.S.C now with commerce background.I am planning to go there after completing my H.S.C exam.I want to do “Bachelor of Business Administration with the degree of Bachelor of Commerce –Professional Accounting”.Its a double degree.I know that after H.S.C i have to admit in SIBT to complete “Diploma of Business Administration”.I want your help to know that, after completing diploma in SIBT will i get that subject that i have chosen??and i am under 18, so what i have to do to go there?.and how much it will cost to admit there.And how much is the living cost there.And will i get any scholership?please help me.

  • sejan

    i am giving my hsc exam.after my exam i want to study mechanical engineering at MQ.can u plz tell my hsc point should i need?

  • Abu Bakkar

    If I take admission in B.SC (major in astrophysics),can I transfer in B.SC Engineering? Because I have some confusion what degre.

  • Tonoy

    Hi I live in Dhaka. I completed my A’level with 4 A*s. I want to study combined bachelors(bachelors of engineering/ bachelors of science) in mq, How do I apply for for MUIS?

  • Meer Farhan Shahriar

    hi. i’m currently doing my bachelors in business. i;m considering applying TRANSFERRING to Macquarie U.
    i’m in my 4th semester right now and i havent completed the 60 credits prerequisite. but i’ve outstanding academic and extracurricular records and i’ve held a perfect cgpa for my entire freshman year.
    should i apply?
    what are my chances of receiving scholarship if i apply?

    thank you all!

  • http://no Md Masum Billa

    Hi,I am Masum Billa.Iwant to study M Sc in AUS.please give me suggestion.