Early morning at the University of Arizona.
Early morning at the University of Arizona.

Exchange journal: America, turned on its head

Braden Marsden is studying a Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education. Here he shares his exchange experience at the University of Arizona.

“What did I find most memorable about exchange? Having my entire view of America and its people turned on its head.

Though I had been to America for holidays, I still went there foolishly believing some of the stereotypes about Americans.

Whilst in Arizona I met extremely intelligent and friendly people. People passionate not only about their own degree, but about other subjects as well.

Having people start conversations with me on public transport or in an elevator was something extremely novel for a person used to Sydney’s public transport.

Making friends from a diverse range of backgrounds and with various interests allowed me to try things that I never thought I would.

Because of such people, I have grown to love and understand American football; discovered authentic Mexican food, and developed a desire to learn new skills in my free time instead of surfing the internet.

I owe so much to the friends I made in Arizona and it is my hope that I can keep in touch with them, and visit them often.

Now, reader, if there are any doubts or concerns in your mind about going on exchange do not make them bigger than they really are – your friends and family will still be here when you get back and you will never get another opportunity to do this.

Get out there, make friends and see whether what you think of a country is actually true.

“I owe so much to the friends I made in Arizona,” says Braden.

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