Macquarie the ‘fondest place’ for UN climate policy specialist

Rose Mwebaza has a very special reason for remembering Macquarie with a great affection.

“It’s my fondest place, because I had my daughter Tessa (now eight) while I was doing my PhD there,” says the Ugandan.

“I also have memories of spending afternoons by Sydney Harbour, writing my thesis on my laptop,” she adds. “Having such an amazing view as the backdrop for my academic pursuits was so inspiring and something I’ll never forget.”

With a Macquarie PhD in Environmental Law, Rose is making a great contribution to Africa through her role as a Regional Policy Advisor for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Johannesburg.

“My major responsibilities include providing policy and technical advice to countries on environment and climate change policies,” Rose notes. “I focus particularly on environment and climate change finance, ecosystems conservation and mainstreaming climate change policies in national planning and development.“

Rose says her Macquarie PhD has greatly contributed to her career advancement, enabling her to work toward a cause very close to her heart.

“I believe that climate change poses one of the greatest challenges for development in many African countries,” she says. ”Through my work with the UNDP, I’ve been able to support several countries in Africa with their climate change policies.”

Rose says she heartily recommends Macquarie as a study and research destination.

“Macquarie has an amazing culture, a welcoming environment for international students, amazing academic programs and it is located in one of the best cities in the world,” she says.

“What more can one ask for?”

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