"Macquarie has a lot to offer," says Indian Commerce student Melissa Gojer.

Macquarie mix suits Melissa

When Melissa Gojer talks about Macquarie, there’s one word that keeps popping up – ‘mix’.

From the mix of academic and extracurricular activities, the mix of buildings and greenery on campus to the mix of reasons why she chose to study at Macquarie, the Bachelor of Commerce student has discovered that life at Macquarie goes beyond a single focus.

And there’s another mix in Melissa’s Macquarie equation: her decision to undertake two quite different majors as part of her degree.

Melissa says that majoring in both Accounting and Marketing will make her a more rounded graduate, giving her more control over her career path.

“I have a passion for both my majors and hence decided to go ahead with doing both, before concentrating on one field at the end of my degree,” she says.

“Graduating from Macquarie with a degree like this will definitely help me pursue a career that interests me and relates to what I’ve studied.”

On hand to help Melissa discover and develop her passions are Macquarie’s academics.

“My marketing lecturer Lay Peng Tan is one teacher that has really had a positive impact on me,” says Melissa. “She brightens up everyone’s day by creating a very positive and fun atmosphere during lectures and get us involved in the class by asking questions. I feel so fortunate to have been taught by her.”

Melissa says she appreciates the flexibility she has as a Macquarie student, especially when it comes to adapting her weekly schedule to fit around her lifestyle.

“Back in India, we have fixed class timings and attendance is quite important,” she notes. “I like that at Macquarie we get to create our own timetable from the classes available, which allows us to get involved in other activities and set aside hours for work.”

This flexibility gives Melissa plenty of chances to explore Sydney in her free time.

“I love the liveliness in Sydney – there’s a buzz whenever you go to the city and there’s always something to do,” she exclaims.

“I enjoy going to Circular Quay and watching the sun set next to the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it!”

Students in the Bachelor of Commerce can select from a range of majors including Business Information Systems, Commercial Law, Human Resources and International Business.