Hunting for treasure

Nepali student Upasana Karmacharya likens the learning experience to something like filling a treasure hunt.

“In my home country, you are given a box pre-filled with information,” she says. “Here at Macquarie you are given an empty box and a map.”

“You are expected to follow the map and fill the box for yourself, which lets you explore and expand your knowledge and ability. And if you struggle to follow the map, there are always helping hands to guide you.”

In her final semester of a Bachelor in Commerce majoring in Marketing, Upasana is feeling very confident about her career prospects after graduation.

“Being a part of Macquarie and receiving top class education from such reputed teachers, I’m sure nothing can stop me from achieving my career goals,” she says.

Having never been outside of Nepal before coming to Australia, Upasana says the experience of living and studying in a new country has been ‘amazing’.

“I have had a whole new experience from Macquarie and I have enjoyed every bit of it,” she exclaims.

“The teaching quality, the friendly peaceful environment, the flexibility to choose the classes to fit your lifestyle and the interactive lectures are things I have looked forward to every semester.”

“The campus also has lots of features that take my breath away,” she adds. “Sitting by the lake and reading a good book is something I love to do in my free time.”

Upasana says her favourite thing about Australia is the sense of freedom.

“In Australia there is independence and equality between people, especially between men and women,” she notes. “You are free to do what you want to do and no one judges you.”

Bachelor of Commerce students can choose from eight majors including accounting, finance, human resources and international business.

  • ankita

    hey :) I am considering macquarie for my undergraduate. It would be of great help if you could provide me with your facebook id or your email? so that i get an insight of the uni as a whole.

  • simrat

    Hi Upasana,

    I am going to be joining macquarie from the following semester (July session). i have enrolled for bachelors of commerce – professional accounting. i was hoping if you could give me a little insight about the subjects i am going to be studying because i am a little blank in that area.

    Thank you.