Kulsum Thakore (left) and Emma Frampton traded insights into Indian and Australian culture in this month's 'U&I' lunch date.
Kulsum Thakore (left) and Emma Frampton traded insights into Indian and Australian culture in this month's 'U&I' lunch date.

U&I: Kulsum and Emma

Every month, Macquarie’s student magazine Grapeshot’s ‘U&I’ column sends an international student and an Australian student on a lunch date so they can learn about each other’s culture.

This month, Indian Bachelor of Commerce student Kulsum Thakore met Australian Bachelor of Laws student Emma Frampton. Here are their thank-you letters to each other.

Dear Emma,

I am so glad that we met yesterday, it was a sheer pleasure meeting you. The moment I met you, you came across as a very warm person.

Coming from a very different background to me – that is, being brought up in Australia and having many different experiences – made me knowledgeable about stuff that I never thought would be interesting.

For instance, not being a fan of travelling, I never thought it could be exciting until you told me about it. The way you recollected your experiences and narrated them, made me a little inclined towards it.

Secondly, the fact that you were curious about my home country. It was so much fun telling you about the places I loved visiting when I was there, which increased our bond even more and also pointed out various differences between our two countries.

We had so much to talk about that the hour just flew by. I am so happy that I spent time with you and met you. Hope to see you soon.

With love,

Dear Kulsum,

Thank you so much for meeting me for lunch today. It was so interesting to hear about your experiences in both India and Australia. I was so surprised how quickly the hour went and it was so nice we got along so well right from the word go!

The fact you have moved around India so much in your life and have been able to experience so many different cities is awesome. The busy city of Mumbai sounds hectic at times, and judging by your description of the traffic I can understand why you don’t miss that!

I found the culture of India fascinating. The fact there are different languages spoken in the different regions, and many families do not mingle outside these – it is so different to the Australian culture in which travel is almost like a rite of passage for many.

I really enjoyed hearing about Hinduism. I guess if I didn’t suggest the beef nachos I would never have known that part of your religion was to not eat beef!

Thanks for all the travel tips. I looked up the northern cities in India you spoke about and the Himalayas look fantastic. The beaches of Goa also look beautiful and many of the websites talk about those clothes markets you suggested! Now I am even more excited to go to India next year!

As you said, it must have been hard leaving your friends behind when your family relocated to Sydney. It’s nice to hear that everyone has been welcoming and friendly and I am certainly looking forward to catching up again (over some of your mum’s famous Indian cooking!).

I’ll give you a text the week after next when we are back at uni and we can arrange a catch up!

– Em

Macquarie students that would like to participate in a ‘U&I’ free lunch date can email Grapeshot magazine at grapeshot@mq.edu.au