Jovi (centre) and friends Ronja Reiche, Elyse Sutanawi, Ilkka Liinamo and Mary Jamieson (from left) celebrate in February.
Jovi (centre) and friends Ronja Reiche, Elyse Sutanawi, Ilkka Liinamo and Mary Jamieson (from left) celebrate in February.

Macquarie University graduate to miss campus friendships

Indonesian student Jovi graduated in February with a Master of Commerce in Marketing and says the thing he’ll miss most about Macquarie University is the time he spent with friends he made on campus.

“We loved to spend time having a coffee at Marxine’s Café and study together at the library, moments that were priceless,” he says. “I will also miss the social events and clubs where I could share my thoughts and hobby with people like me and meet new friends as well.”

Jovi began making friends when he spent three months at the English Language Centre before starting his postgraduate degree. “At ELC I made friends from all over the world and started building networks,” he says.

“The most memorable experience while studying at ELC was the great classroom environment. Classes were usually held in small groups, which made learning easy.

“The teachers at ELC always shared experiences about real-life situations in Australia and explained what culture shock international students might face in the beginning. Friends at ELC also played an important role in helping me understand things about Australia that were new to me. Overall, thanks to ELC I adjusted really easily to my life in Australia.”

Jovi says he chose to study at Macquarie because of the excellent learning facilities and the knowledgeable academic staff. “The learning environment and the academic support from Macquarie were so great and I could easily attain my academic goal,” he says.

“Moreover, Macquarie has a terrific reputation in the business world and I believe my Master of Commerce in Marketing degree will give me so many benefits to pursue my career.”

Jovi poses with his mother and sister after his graduation.

Jovi says the degree gave him the scope to be creative yet offered him the necessary business skills to understand the industry and prepared him for the professional world. “The course also allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of my chosen area – marketing,” he says.

“As a result, I could focus on my learning experience because the units are interlinked and have an overall relevance to my chosen field of work. Moreover, the lecturers always paid great attention to every student in class and ultimately the learning process did not seem boring at all.”

Jovi was awarded the Macquarie University International Scholarship and says it took the financial pressure off him and gave him an opportunity to gain a quality education. And he has a few tips for international students wanting to apply for the scholarship.

“Make sure all of the documents you need to apply for the scholarship are in order before you start writing your personal statement,” he says. “You don’t want to discover after writing it that you are missing an important document.

“Letters of recommendation are also an important part of your scholarship application that could make you stand out from other applicants. Finally, just be yourself and stay positive about your scholarship application.”

Now that he’s graduated, Jovi is looking to his future. “My career plan is to see myself moving up the organisational ladder, contributing significantly towards the company’s success,” he says.

“I do not want to limit myself to just being an employee of the company but be a contributor. I want to spearhead the organisation towards success while undergoing the constant process of learning, improving, sharpening my skills with the intent of becoming a much more effective and efficient person.”

The Master of Commerce in Marketing builds marketing skills as they apply to a business or corporation with practical focus on the identification of forecast opportunities and threats in domestic and international industries, the development of marketing strategies, tactics and plans for such opportunities and threats, and the consideration of new approaches and techniques in marketing.

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