Macquarie University excelled at the Chinese Bridge language prize.
Macquarie University excelled at the Chinese Bridge language prize.

Macquarie student wins Chinese Bridge language prize

Tony Edwards, a third-year Chinese language student from Macquarie, has won the NSW section of the Chinese Bridge language prize.

Tony, who will travel to China to compete in the international section of the competition, gave a speech on the topic “My Chinese Dream” and gave a performance on the guqin, a traditional  Chinese musical instrument.

 The Chinese Bridge competition is a global Chinese-language proficiency contest sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Tony studies traditional Chinese philosophy and Classical Chinese as well as Chinese language in Chinese Studies at Macquarie. Two other Macquarie students participated in the competition: Wenyi Zhu won third prize, and Charith Wickremasinghe received an encouragement award.

“The competition was fierce, and it’s a considerable honour to win the champion prize,” said Jonathan Benney, lecturer in the Department of International Studies. This is the sixth time that Macquarie has won first prize in NSW since the competition started in 2002.

“The Macquarie students’ speeches and performances were characterised by their creativity and their capacity to reflect on the issues facing modern China. They fought the pressures of deadlines, classwork, and last-minute illnesses to produce genuinely interesting and well-presented items,” said Jonathan.

Dr Christine Hung, a tutor in the Department of International Studies, also deserves special acclaim, says Jonathan – she was the chief coach for the team, and devoted many hours to listening to speeches and providing advice. “Very few days went by without a new suggestion or idea from her.”

Dr Shirley Chan, Head of Chinese Studies in the Department of International Studies, is thrilled with Macquarie’s performance.

“This is the 13th year of the competition and it is one of the major events promoting Chinese language and culture around the world,” she said. “I am proud of our students’ achievements and our staffs’ dedication to promoting Chinese language and culture. I encourage students to take part in cultural and community activities as part of their studies as I believe this enriches their learning experience. Students who I have trained for the competition have told me it is a life changing experience.  I would to thank the University for its continuing support in teaching and learning Chinese studies.”

Congratulations to the team, and the best of luck to Tony as he moves onto the next stage.

Macquarie University offers a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Chinese Studies, a Masters of Translating and Interpreting, and a Bachelor of Global Business Majoring in Chinese Studies.