Wisam Babar is studying a Macquarie Master of Research.
Wisam Babar is studying a Macquarie Master of Research.

Macquarie Master of Research student digs deep for thesis

Macquarie Master of Research student Wisam Babar, from Bangladesh, is researching how a particular species of fungi may contribute to producing biofuels.

Wisam’s research is supervised by the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, where he spends most days checking his major experiments.

“Macquarie has a lot of expertise in the field I am working on,” he says. “Everyone is really helpful and ready to share their knowledge and opinion. I find that extremely helpful for my research.”

The Master of Research was introduced in 2013, making Macquarie the first Australian university to fully align with Asian, European and North American research training qualifications consistent with the Bologna model. It provides structured coursework, communication skills and research method courses to enhance research skills in preparation for a PhD (which is research only).

The first year of the Master of Research is eight advanced courses and the second year specialises in research preparation. Candidates, such as Wisam, plan a major research project and undertake a feasibility study for the project that will form a PhD supervised by an academic with shared interests. Alternatively, the Master of Research is a stand alone postgraduate research qualification.

Wisam plans to continue with his research into a PhD after finishing his Masters of Research this year.

“You need to get 75 per cent or above to be considered, so it’s very competitive,” Wisam explains. “But I enjoy working here and I would love to carry on with my research, so I am trying my best.”


The Macquarie Master of Research is available across the University’s disciplines.

  • Jeremiah O. Masime

    I am an early PhD student at The Technical University of Kenya and also a sessional lecturer at the same University. I was wondering whether a research in Biodiesel, using water hyacinth and yellow oleander seed is relevant to your University.

    Incase you do not mind, I will send you the full proposal.

    Best regards,