Macquarie Three Minute Thesis winners 2014. From left: Andrew Lehmann, Cheryl Ware (winner), Irina Tretiakova (People's Choice) and Rebecca Gelding. Picture: Tony Dwyer
Macquarie Three Minute Thesis winners 2014. From left: Andrew Lehmann, Cheryl Ware (winner), Irina Tretiakova (People's Choice) and Rebecca Gelding. Picture: Tony Dwyer

Macquarie Three Minute Thesis competition an international event

The Macquarie Three Minute Thesis (3MT) finals was an international event, reflecting Macquarie’s global mindset. 

Among the 11 talented PhD Three Minute Thesis finalists was Siberian student, Irina Tretiakova, representing the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Science. Irina won the People’s Choice award for her presentation, “The Lithosphere Shopping Centre”, in which she essentially compared the Earth’s formation to the Macquarie Centre, a large retail centre opposite Macquarie University.

Nigerian student Uchechukwu Ngwaba from Macquarie Law School passionately  argued that health care was a human right in his presentation, “The Right to Health as the Basis for Transforming the Health Care System of Nigeria” and Zinnia Mevawalla, from Macquarie’s Institute of Early Childhood, Faculty of Human Sciences, showcased her research about street children in Mumbai’s education revolution, “Thinkers Without Borders.”

Macquarie Three Minute Thesis 2014 finalist, Uchechuwku Ngwaba. Picture: Tony Dwyer

Now in its seventh year, the 3MT competition has grown from a University of Queensland initiative to include universities across Australia and New Zealand, including Macquarie. In the 3MT competition, PhD candidates pitch their thesis to the non-specialist audience in yes, just three minutes. Like any competition there are rules: 3MT declares no dazzling PowerPoints bar just one static image. No showy videos or music. No props, including costumes, musical instruments or lab equipment. And especially no rapping, although that sounds like a great idea for another thesis pitch competition.

This year, Faculty of Arts, Department of Modern History PhD candidate, Cheryl Ware, was awarded the Macquarie University 3MT competition for her presentation detailing the experience of HIV in the 1980s and 1990s.  Cheryl will now represent Macquarie at the 3MT Trans-Tasman Championships in November at the University of Western Australia.

Macquarie offers the  Master of Research, a unique pathway to a PhD.

See the Macquarie Three Minute Thesis finalists on our YouTube channel.

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