The Scandi view of Sydney

We catch up with four exchange students – Jonatan Bodin and Malin Adolfsson from Sweden, and Andrea Omic and Anne Nielsen from Denmark – to hear about their time at Macquarie.

Macquarie University in one word?
Jonatan: Inclusive.
Andrea: Nice.
Anne: Different.
Malin: Big!

What do you miss most about home?
Jonatan: Friends and family.
Andrea: Cheaper prices.
Anne: Family and less restricted nightlife*.
Malin: Only my family. The other things you learn to love or at least deal with.

Thing you’ll miss most about Australia?
Jonatan: The friends I have made here.
Andrea: The nice weather, all the people I’ve met, and the open and polite culture.
Anne: The beautiful nature and the handsome men!
Malin: Everything. But I might not miss the autumn storms and rainy winter days.

Favourite place you’ve visited in Australia?
Jonatan: The Great Barrier Reef blew my mind.
Andrea: Sydney and the Blue Mountains.
Anne: Great Barrier Reef.
Malin: Everything in Sydney is beautiful but especially Tamarama Beach and every place that offers a nice view.

Most unusual/surprising thing about Australia?
Jonatan: How little spiders and snakes have affected my stay. I thought they would be everywhere!
Andrea: How laid back and polite everyone is. And the strict lockout rules*.
Anne: The obvious British presence in the culture.
Malin: There are so many different things to see and do. I need to come back again.

Why should Scandinavian students come on exchange to Macquarie?
Jonatan: Australia is nothing like Scandinavia and Europe. The nature is so different, yet it feels like home after just a few weeks.
Andrea: To experience a different culture and the good climate.
Anne: The people here and the nature is reason in itself. Expect a different university system that might not be as challenging, but expect also to have your heart filled with amazing scenic views and warm, funny people.
Malin: Because it will be the best experience in your life (I didn’t expect to love it this much).

* In 2014, the New South Wales Government introduced laws restricting the sale of alcohol in inner-city areas after certain times. 


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