Macquarie translating and interpreting graduate Minjong Yu
Macquarie translating and interpreting graduate Minjong Yu

Translation masters leads to global affair

As the third-largest city in South Korea and home to one of the world’s busiest airports, Incheon is a place where international business powers the economy.

At the heart of Incheon’s global affairs is Macquarie graduate Minjong Yu, who is using her Macquarie masters degree to grow the city’s important international relationships.

Minjong graduated from Macquarie with a Master of Translating and Interpreting in 2012, having first completed the University’s diploma program in Seoul.

She is currently managing the Division of Global Affairs at the Incheon International Relations Foundation – a non profit organisation supporting and promoting the city’s international relationships.

In addition to researching and promoting the city’s international activities, Minjong is responsible for liaising with foreign dignitaries from all over the world… and this is where her translating and interpreting skills really shine.

“I’ve had the opportunity to translate and interpret many speeches given by influential figures like the mayor and council chairmen,” she says.

Minjong says her Macquarie degree has given her the expertise and intercultural skills to do her job with confidence.

“At Macquarie I was led by experts from many different sectors and cultural backgrounds, in both my classes and also the Global Leadership Program,” Minjong says.

She adds that Macquarie’s multicultural student community also helped her gain the intercultural skills she now uses every day.

“Although there are several well-known schools of translating and interpreting in South Korea, I wanted to experience a different culture,” she adds. “With so many students from different countries, Macquarie really represents the diversity and multi-culture of Australia, which is why I chose to study there.”

She says while many Koreans still choose to study in the U.S and UK, the increasing ties between South Korea and Australia mean more students are choosing to study ‘down under’.

“South Korea and Australia signed a Free Trade Agreement last year, so the bilateral ties are becoming much stronger,” she notes. “I think there will be increasing benefits for Koreans with an Australian university degree.”


The Master of Translation and Interpreting Studies is suitable for proficient bilinguals who want to work as professional translators and interpreters. It can be completed in 1 – 1.5 years depending on prior learning.

The Graduate Diploma of Translating and Interpreting is a one-year course that also provides a pathway to masters programs. It is taught at Macquarie’s main North Ryde campus and in Seoul, South Korea.