Macquarie graduate James Rotanson proves that hard work pays off when seeking a career in Australia.
Macquarie graduate James Rotanson proves that hard work pays off when seeking a career in Australia.

Seeking sponsorship? A graduate success story

Born in Indonesia and completing his International Baccalaureate in Singapore, James Rotanson came to Macquarie in 2012 to study Bachelor of Arts – Media with the support of a Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship.

While at Macquarie, James worked hard to enhance his degree with an impressive catalogue of extracurricular activities to boost his appeal to employers.

His efforts paid off when Australian retailer Co-op offered him sponsorship and a full-time job before he had even graduated.

“As an international student, I arrived in Australia with no networks or connections,” James says. “I had to be smart and take as many opportunities as possible. I worked at the uni, in design agencies and cafés, and got my hands dirty with marketing, programming, event management and business development leading a student group and working on the University’s student publication Grapeshot.”

James is proud to have made a design career a reality, and credits Macquarie for preparing him for the workforce.

“I can safely say the media facilities at Macquarie exceed the standards in the working world,” James says. “And the guidance and direction I got from the professionals teaching at Macquarie is something I’ve missed after jumping into the real industry.”

Another achievement that James is particularly proud of? His IELTS score of 8.5 – a major factor in securing his sponsorship.

“English is a crucial step for any international student wanting to kick start a career in Australia,” James notes. “As my profession isn’t on the Skilled Occupation List, I am absolutely ecstatic to have achieved this.”

James says students seeking to work in Australia should be ready to develop their self-discipline and initiative.

“At the end of the day, a university degree is not a destination – it’s a learning experience you build on every day.”

The Bachelor of Arts –Media combines theory with practical production techniques, so you can succeed in a rapidly-changing media environment.

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