Finding accommodation

Albin Torkelsson is from Sweden and is completing a Study Abroad certificate in crime and counter-terrorism. 

Finding a place to live in Sydney is easy, especially if you’re a student at Macquarie. The University can help you with multiple types of accommodation – everything from shared room or apartment to the option to stay at a host family.

One easy and fun option  is  to stay at one of the rooms on – or next to – campus. These are not cheap but you will live close to students from all over the world, all of them with aim of enjoying all that Sydney and Macquarie have to offer.

I however decided to look on my own for a home closer to the central parts of Sydney. Before I left Sydney I had booked one week at a hostel which became the base from where my search started.

I searched and and visited all the options I found before I decided which one to go for. In the end I choose the accommodation with the shortest time commuting to the University, even if I was really tempted to choose the ones closer to the beach. A tough choice!

One thing that I was told over and over again in my search was to be careful and take the time to se them, meet the landlords and say hi to the people that you might be sharing an apartment with. Its an important and good first measure in order to make sure you’re not getting scammed by the fake ads that do occasionally occur.

For more information about the opportunities take a look at this site.

  • Pedro Menezes Pereira

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