Macquarie surges in international student satisfaction

October saw the release of the 2015 International Student Barometer (ISB) report, measuring international student satisfaction at universities around the world. For Macquarie, the results were encouraging.

The ISB surveys students on a wide range of topics related to the international student experience including arrival, learning, living and support services.

Macquarie’s international students were enthusiastic about sharing their views, with our response rate the highest in Australia at 41% (compared to the national average of 26% and the global average of 29%).

Macquarie’s results saw students speaking particularly positively about the University’s facilities, campus life and learning. Students listed the following as the top five areas of improvement from 2014:

  1. Student Connect student enquiry service
  2. Financial support
  3. Managing research
  4. Careers advice
  5. Living costs

Director of Macquarie International Nicole Brigg says the survey provides invaluable insights into the views of international students, and helps drive improvements that benefit all students studying at Macquarie.

“It’s wonderful that so many international students have positive things to say about their Macquarie experience,” Ms Brigg says. “We’re committed to providing a supportive community and a transformative learning experience for students from around the world.”

Feedback from this year’s survey have resulted in the following planned improvements for 2016:

  • A new Orientation Manager to further improve the arrival experience for new international students, on top of planned improvements to enrolment and registration processes.
  • Greater resource allocation for international student career support.
  • Additional language support in the curriculum and teaching environments.
  • More opportunities for social interaction between local and international students.

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