On the road, Down Under

German Study Abroad student Daniella Schlott takes to the ‘wrong’ side of the road for a 3,300km road trip down the Australian coast.

During my semester break I did a road trip from Sydney, down the coast to Gippsland and to the amazing Great Ocean Road.

Driving a car was definitely the best way for me to discover that part of Australia, since I was able to stop wherever I found it nice. (Well, that was actually at every single scenic lookout :D) However, driving in Australia was actually a great challenge for me, since I’ve never driven an automatic car before, not to mention driving on the left side of the road! But everything went out fine. And since the Australian ‘no worries’ mentality can be found on the roads as well you won’t have any issues with driving slowly at first ;)

And as soon as I got used to it, driving in Australia was amazing. During my road trip I saw a lot of wonderful beaches, went hiking through stunning national parks, met wild emus, koalas, wallabies, humpback whales and penguins and also stopped in Melbourne. I was fascinated by that city, since it’s got a lot to offer! A very interesting museum, great architecture and a free city circle tram that takes you to all the interesting places in the city – Sydney, it’s your turn now! ;)


After 10 days and more than 3,300 km it was time to head back to Sydney. And although it would have been great to explore a lot more of those beautiful places, and although the ‘everyday life’ in Sydney was awaiting me, it felt good to come ‘home’ to my friends again :) And there are still so many hidden places in Sydney that I will have to discover!