Finding family through fitness

For Bangladeshi graduate Faria Hossain, Macquarie’s gym classes provided much more than just a chance to stay fit. They became an instant family.

Having travelled from home to study a masters degree in international relations at Macquarie, Faria knew it was important to build personal connections on campus.

International students can feel lonely at times,” Faria says. “But when you’re miles away from home and family, it’s a pleasure to find a vibrant, multicultural environment like Macquarie’s.”

Passionate about dance since she was a child, Faria found herself drawn to the Zumba classes offered by Macquarie sport.

“The Sport and Aquatic Centre has one of the best environments for international students to socialise in,” Faria says. “Zumba classes became my family and friends.”

Faria’s Zumba instructor eventually became a mentor and encouraged Faria to complete instructor training herself. She now teaches Zumba and Bollywood dance part-time, while enjoying life as a new mother.

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made,” Faria says. “Fitness gives you empowerment, strength, vitality and confidence. I aim to inspire, motivate and encourage my students to be better versions of themselves.”

Outside from the Zumba studio, Faria is no less passionate about helping people achieve their best. Coming from a country that has been tarnished by war and conflict, she has a deep personal commitment to promoting social justice and human rights.

Since graduating from Macquarie, she has gained valuable insights into policy making through various roles in New South Wales government departments, including the Ministry of Health and the Department of Attorney and Justice.

“I want to represent the best and brightest of the new generation of young Bangladeshi professionals,” Faria says. “We’ll play a pivotal role working for democratic development, governance reform, human rights and the advancement of community programs.”

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