Musical mind calls Macquarie home

Luan Nguyen has always been interested in the arts, especially music. After two years studying what was expected of him, Luan decided it was time to take a step toward his true passion at Macquarie University.

“Macquarie got my attention right away with its Arts Practice and Management undergraduate major,” the Vietnamese student says. “I want to be a part of the entertainment business as a director, producer or even a curator for artistic events, and this unique course prepares me for that.”

Luan says it wasn’t long before he fell in love with everything about Macquarie and his new home in Sydney.

“It’s such a culturally diverse place,” he says. “I enjoy walking the streets of Sydney or the Macquarie campus and feeling like I’m in the middle of a melting pot.”

The natural beauty of Macquarie’s campus has also a source of inspiration for Luan.

“I chose Macquarie partly because of its natural environment, which other universities in Sydney don’t offer,” he says. “I enjoy walking to classes and looking at all the greenery, enjoying the shades of the trees, the sound of the creeks, and obviously the magnificent view of the lake.”

Less peaceful was the culture shock that came with a new style of teaching.

“The teaching in Australia is so different,” Luan notes. “In Vietnam, even at university level, we’re fed and taught every single word.”

“But here in Australia, self-study is a must. You can’t expect the lecturer or tutor to feed you every single piece of information, you have to find your own path and the teachers are only there to help if you get stuck.”

It’s this teacher support that helped Luan thrive in his first year.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have been taught by people like Dr Ian Collinson,” he says. “He is such a kind and helpful person, answering all of my questions and concerns and giving me detailed feedback on my assignments. He made a challenging subject to be easier for all of us.”

With the support of Macquarie, Luan feels completely free to express himself and forge a successful career in the arts.

“In Australia, people express themselves without hesitation or fear,” he notes. “I feel relaxed to express my lifestyle and my opinions.”

The Arts Practice and Management major is available in the Bachelor of Arts and associated double degrees. It provides opportunities to connect to local creative industries for enhanced career opportunities.